EcoSmart ECO27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

By Robert Flores / May 22, 2020
EcoSmart ECO27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

In the wake of fast-evolving tankless water heaters, these units have become an essential component of modern homes due to their excellent energy-efficiency. Manufacturers use technology to push the envelope of what it means to craft an improved in-line tankless electric water heater. With this EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review, we will illuminate you on a unit designed to gulp only the power needed to preheat water on demand.

It packs a powerful punch to support an extended single-household, large Roman-style or Jacuzzi tab and high demand of output. With this unit, you will no longer cough up a king’s ransom to heat up and maintain a hot water storage tank. Its compact design frees up space as it snugly slips in virtually anywhere.    

A. Revolutionary Self-Modulating Technology 

Equipped with an avant-garde, self-modulating technology, the EcoSmart ECO 27 will fine-tune energy consumption on the amount of water needed. It means the unit will only eat up less energy to heat up the water, translating into hundreds of dollars in savings on your electric bill.

The EcoSmart ECO 27 can cut back your electricity bill up to 30% of what you exhaust on a conventional water heater. The unit heats up water rapidly and more efficiently with the self-modulating technology. The technology boosts its performance to supply ample hot water for a single extended household while not hiking your energy bill.  

B. Elegant, Compact & Heavy-Gauge Build  

The EcoSmart ECO 27 components made from copper and stainless steel render more efficiency, hardiness, and longest-lasting durability. The heating element crafted from a metallic and thermally superior material provides high water preheating power with a corrosive-resistant surface.

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The sleek and space-saving, compact size tightly fits any space, and its elegant design means it’s not an interior monstrosity like conventional units. With the compressed configuration and wall-mounted design, you free up generous storage space.

Commercial-quality heating elements and stainless steel exterior sheathing the heating chamber and electrical controls will lengthen its natural life. Armed with (3) 9 KW unique Emerson electric heating elements possessing brass tops, it deters electrolysis.  

C. Heats-Up 3 Gallons Per Minute at Frigid Temperature 

The EcoSmart ECO 27 can deliver 3 GPM with a shallow inlet temperature and pre-adjusted output readings. It can run up to two showers simultaneously at full tilt without depleting hot water. It’s ideal for northern US states with incoming water temperatures plunging below 37°F.

For homes nestled in the southern US, ECO 27 perfectly meets a high demand for hot water straddling multiple applications. And it handles up to 6 GPM, which allows you can have four showers and a sink running at the same time without exhausting hot water.

Thus, it’s the most excellent unit configured for freezing climates and high flow rates. It can even supply a limitless stream of warm water to support a Jacuzzi tub and Roman-style tub.              

D. Digital Temperature Control

You can take a quick look at outlet water temperature readings shown on the digital temperature display. A 1-degree increment facilitates monitoring of hot water with scalpel-like precision for the most tailored output.

The console has a complete degree control mechanism; it gives you unfettered reign over the warm water temperature output. You can vary the temperature readings from 80 °F to 140 °F. Fully-adjustable in 1-degree increments, it allows free control and superior accuracy.

You can limit power to cut back power expenditure by any amount for installation or operational flexibility and savings. The high-tech digital control display provides a user interface showing inlet and outlet temperatures and flow rates.               

E. Safe and Scalding-Free 

Flux hot temperatures can lead to scalding, particularly in children and seniors. The EcoSmart ECO 27 self-modulating technology keeps the heat at a constant and safe level. It also maintains the exact water temperature with +/- 1-degree accuracy for scalding-free bathes.

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Using the tankless unit’s system provides greater control to heat water safely on your premises. The heater comes with internal jumpers that restrict the heat output at 105 °F; the water heater will never exceed this level if not adjusted. It’s a godsend for homes with elderly and children.

Picking this tankless and scald-protective device provides safety than rivals, gas and oil water heaters.        

Why should you use EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater? 

Superior Performance 

The EcoSmart ECO 27 design suits states north of the Mason-Dixon Line and Canada with the chilliest temperatures that nose-dive to as low as 37°F. The device can preheat water rapidly and powerfully due to the self-modulating technology. The technology allows you to supply plentiful hot water for a single large household while keeping energy bills at the lowest.

Trim Down Up To 50% Energy Costs 

With the proprietary self-modulating technology developed by Ecosmart, it provides better energy conservation. It romps home by slashing up to 50% from your water heating expenditure if you use a more conventional unit.    

Proximate Installation 

You can install the EcoSmart ECO 27 near the place of use. It reduces the amount of flow time along the pipes and feeds hot water more rapidly to the fixture. Given that the device only warms up water when it's required, it does not dissipate energy for high-temperature output.

Intuitive Digital Temperature Control 

 The ECO 27 will heat up water with the help of three readings, gallons per minute, inlet temperature, and desired level. You can adjust the temperature with a +-1 degree increment for better precision. For uncomplicated computation, it bases kW measurements on 100 percent heater efficiency. The device offers 99% energy efficiency, but inlet temperatures may fluctuate by season. 


The EcoSmart ECO 27 comes with computer-monitored and electro-mechanical auto-resetting thermostat controls for high-limited heat protection. It will not burn the elderly or children. If your faucet has an anti-scald feature, you can still increase the temperature setting for warmer water output.    

Product Benefits

•    Advanced water flow rate and temperature sensors configured to adjust power to the heating elements for a precise user-selected level from 85F and 140F

•    Equipped with high-powered heating elements that preheat water instantly on demand

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•    Intuitive digital display shows the preferred water temperature continuously and changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius

•    Self-modulating patented technology warms up water quickly and consistently

•    Can heat more than one shower and sink as well as more massive Jacuzzi or Roman-styled tubs

•    99% energy efficiency saves up to 50% of the energy costs gobbled up by conventional models

•    Lightweight and easy installation

•    Configured for chilly climates and high flow rates where incoming water can plunge below 45F

•    Compact, sleek and space-saving design.

the negative things

•    Performance can fluctuate based on inlet water temperature

•    Remote available but sold separately. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    How much power does it consume for horsepower of the heating elements?

40 Amps

2.    How does it save energy over conventional water heaters?

It prevents ongoing thermal dissipation associated with holding hot water in a storage tank.

3.    Can I switch on the heater or mount in a place with freezing temperatures?

NO, if the water in the unit freezes, it can cause severe and irreversible damage, wait until it thaws and inspect the ECOsmart for leaks.

4.    My inlet temperature reads 44 degrees; can I get 105 degrees and 1.75 gallons per minute?

Yes, use the formula GPM = kW x 6.83/temp. Rise.

5.    Will it support my bathroom and laundry in a small-sized condo?

As long as your electrical system delivers 27kW, 240 volts it will work seamlessly. 

Final Verdict

Our EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review lauds the unit as it slashes 50% off the energy bill for preheating over the traditional versions. It boasts digital temperature control that modulates from Fahrenheit to degrees and variation from 80F to 140F.

Made from premium-quality copper and stainless steel materials, it has more efficiency, hardiness and uncomplicated replacement of components. The self-modulating technology supported by sensors computes the water flow rate and inlet temperature feed into computer logic controls to heat at your desired level.

Besides, your new electric tankless water heater poses minimal maintenance demands. Internal jumpers limit the hot water temperature output at 105 degrees Fahrenheit to curb scalding or burns while bathing.    

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