Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

By Robert Flores / May 22, 2020
Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

Every homeowner would make a beeline for a tankless water heater deal over conventional tank-type units. Tankless water heater manufacturers now increase their footprint in the market by churning out ultra-efficient models designed to lop off up to 60% of your energy bill. Arm yourself with a super-powerful energy element, and one unit can heat water for all applications within your residential premises.

Pore over the Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review-a model shaped by novel space age technology. All TITAN-SCR2 models integrate a manually resettable thermostat paired with a fast-paced and clockwork-accurate temperature sampling mechanism.

The models shine with an advanced air/water deferential analyzing system to deter dry starts, a glaring omission left by competitors. 

1. Unique Design in Rugged Construction  

The Titan SCR2 N-120 blends the compact size to snugly squeeze in the tightest spaces with perdurable (no plastics) construction that’s as hard as nails. The space-saving design stands outs in comparison to a conventional tank heater that intrudes up to 20 cubic feet of your room and weighs more than 130lbs.

The unit occupies merely .21 cubic feet and checks in at 9lbs making it 80 times tinier than a conventional system. Copper heating elements and copper case shield against galvanic corrosion. Due to its Dual Incoloy Nichrome heating elements, copper, and brass housing, you can use the Titan SCR2 where mineral deposits prey on the natural life of conventional water heaters.           

2. High Efficiency Up to 99.5%

The smart electronic board of the Titan N-120 works with a self-controlling micro-controller. Its high efficiency stems from the high-performance microprocessor that analyzes incoming and outgoing temperatures 21 times in a second.

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The power control technology samples the data and manages power consumption for optimal efficiency and temperature stability. When dormant, the unit uses no energy at all. Whittle down up to 60% on your water heating overheads with an energy efficiency of up to 99.5%. Since it warms water instantaneously as you need it and only when you demand it, it ditches the baggage of a super-massive water heater that preheats water endlessly.  

3. Simple Thermo Controls 

The Titan SCR2 N-120 offers versatile and reliable power control for applications either as a point of use or to pump unlimited hot water to a whole condo or small house. You only need to adjust the thermal control on front cover using dual buttons: Up (Red) and Down (Blue).

You select the temperature and energy use aligned with the water application needed. The top-speed and more accurate temperature analyzing system and a manually resettable thermostat allow you to raise and drop water temperature. You can determine temperature from the flow rate in cold climate regions of the north. For protection, it integrates the Digital Temperature Control and Manual Resettable Thermostat.       

4. Easy Installation 

The small size makes the delivery, installation or service of the Titan SCR2 N-120 a piece of cake. Venting-free, it’s quick and easy to set up in a vertical setup. The box packages a Booklet, Compression Fittings, Brackets, Screws, and Warranty.

The ½” Compression Fitting Rings and Nuts for inlet and outlet connections will fit like a glove; you do not need any other threaded coupling. Inexpensive plastic piping like PEX and CPVC require a 36” copper tube to the inlet and outlet as well as a pressure relieve-valve. Attach the two brackets to the rear of the unit to secure it to the wall without having to fling open the front lid.         

5. Flow Rate & Temperature Increment 

The Titan SCR2 N-120 delivers up 0.4 GPM ON and 0.3 GPM OFF, plentiful for hot water demands of homes and apartments in various applications. In warm climates, the model will support a small house with up to two baths.

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It also acts as a point-of-use water heater in cold climates when required for a sink and other low flow consumption. If you own a rental apartment or vacation rooms with two bathrooms in warm climates, it packs quite a punch. It comes in handy in areas where the inlet water temperature checks at 65° F.

The Temperature Rise Chart (° Fahrenheit) above your ambient temperature clears up the Flow Rate and Thermo Rise in detail.

Why should you use Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater? 

Fast, Easy Thermo Control 

The Titan SCR2 N-120 incorporates a high-tech microprocessor for a quicker and clockwork-accurate temperature control. It comes with air and water deferential sampling system to inhibit dry start.

The in-built digital microprocessor detects the incoming and outgoing water temperature 21 rounds in a second. The data feeds into the micro-controller that regulates power outflow for high efficiency and temperature stability.

Super-Energy Efficiency 

The unit delivers up to 99.5% energy efficiency by heating water on demand without the tank-type systems that dissipate standby loss. It will trim down up to 60% over traditional electric water heaters with better thermal efficiency.

Designed for Household Uses 

One or dual Titan SCR2 N-120 units will warm up water for houses, apartments, condominiums, cottages, RVs, and other settings where you need endless hot water. It’s configured for warm climate zones with incoming water temperature beyond 65° degrees Fahrenheit. You can use 1-to-3 standard bathrooms.

Solid As Rock 

With no plastics, heavy-duty materials such as brass and copper interior, Steel Casing, and Dual Incoloy Nichrome heating elements offer a limescale-proof and durable construction. Despite its compressed shape, it boasts superior performance. 

Straightforward Controls 

You adjust the temperature level with digital temperature control on the front cover. A power mode control permits you to increase and decrease temperature painlessly.

The Red/ON indicator shows work condition and Amber standby. You can determine the hot water temperature and flow rate at a specific temperature increment. 

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Product Benefits

•    Integrates proprietary air/water deferential sampling system to deter dry starts and powerful digital microprocessor 

•    Unit’s technology maintains efficient power usage and keeps the outlet hot water temperature steady

•    60% energy savings over traditional tank-type models

•    Minimalist, compact-sized and super-lightweight for easy set-up and troubleshoot

•    Endures lime and sediment stockpiles from hard water with shielded Dual Incoloy Nichrome elements and copper and brass cover

•    99.5% energy efficiency, delivers water on demand

•    Flow rate activation of 0.4 GPM and 0.3 GPM at rest

the negative things

•    You need to consult a professional plumber and electrician for breaker wire, wire gauge and amperage before installation. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Can you install the Titan SCR2 N-120 indoors?

Yes, the more proximate you mount to the point-of-use, the quicker you get hot water.

2.    How many baths can it service in an apartment?

Use two to avoid overreach.

3.    How do I increase the water temperature?

You need to turn on a hot water tap and then press the buttons; water should flow through the unit.

4.    Does it come with a remote or digital display for adjusting with chilly and warm climate?

No, only a temperature control on front facing.

5.    Can you use PEX and plastic lines with this?


Final Verdict

Springing from the preceding Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review, the unit transforms your tapestry of 21st Century residential appliances. You can count on the Titan-SCR2 for reliability and performance to bath in endless hot water and use in other applications.

It’s a new generation of Titan tankless water heaters shaped by new space age technology for high efficiency. It has a faster and overly accurate temperature analyzing system with all bells and whistles sparse in the competition.

At 0.4 GPM minimum flow and activation rate, it meets a variety of uses for a house, condominiums, small businesses and other settings that quest endless hot water.   

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