Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review

By Robert Flores / May 22, 2020
Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review

With tankless water heaters out-crowding conventional tank-type models, you can throw your outdoor cleanups and family outings to the zeniths with the portable units. Picking out a top-class model renowned in the market will bring all benefits of a tank-free water heater, cut back energy costs and ensure an endless flow of hot water.

Our detailed Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review expounds a one-of-a-kind picking armed with a Flojet 2.9 GPM 12 Volt, 4.4 Amp pump. Take the plunge with car-washing, hot-showering or complement your pressure cleaner for an even through cleanup.

Get your hot water full-on gushing with more thrust for your outdoor sprays and cleaning tasks. 

A. Flojet 2.9 GPM at 50 PSI Pump 

The 12volt Flojet pump pairs tightly with the Eccotemp L5 Portable or L10 models. Inbuilt pulsation inhibitor fosters smooth flow for accumulator-tank free operation. Soft, absorbent mounts diminish unpleasant vibration and noise while operating. It boasts corrosion-proof and longest-lasting materials.

The self-priming pump will work even when dry. Snap-in 1/2 –inch port fittings allow straightforward installation. The Flojet Inlet Strainer renders spotlessly clean showers anywhere while it sifts the filth and bugs out. It possesses a 20-mesh stainless steel screen for solid impermeability.

The inlet keeps your pumping at full throttle by curbing unwarranted downtimes generated by particles in the water. 

B. Liquid Propane-Powered

The Eccotemp L5 liquid propane-fed tankless water heater yields savings on your energy bill by eliminating the standby energy loss associated with a conventional model that has to keep a storage tank heated constantly.

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Gas tankless-type models like the Eccotemp L5 run by liquid propane provide a higher flow rate in contrast to their electric counterparts. The ignition powered with 2 “D” cell batteries makes it suitable for off-grid and other settings without electricity.

Eccotemp offers the most elegant alternative to conventional gas and electric water heaters. Liquid propane tankless water heaters typically eat up not as much of electric models.     

C. Energy-Efficient & Greener 

The Eccotemp L5 propane-powered system tightens the belt of energy expenditure, which constitutes a lucrative upgrade for your home. With utility costs shooting through the roof, heating water with a propane kiln offers cost-efficiency and minimizes energy loss.

The units gobble up 50% less energy than standard electric models. The National Propane Gas Association recommends these versions as you can slash 60% on energy bills with a water heater with EF of 82%. For the highest fuel-efficiency, the tankless “on-demand” mechanism will only heat up water as it passes through the faucet for use.

A propane burner spews 60% fewer carbon pollutants in contrast to mainstream electric water heaters.  

D. Multi-Functional Outdoor Use 

The Eccotemp L5 can heat more than 40 gallons of water to supply instantaneous and endless hot water outdoor. You can move the unit from one point to another hassle-free around your home.

Lightweight and space-saving design snugly fits the smallest spaces in your car or storage room. The portable tankless water heater suits campsites, outdoor sprays, and cabins. At the ideal operating range of 2080 PSI, the system works efficiently on modified water systems with accessories such as the 12-volt pump.

It can wash your car, boat, run a hot shower, pets or the horse’s stable. You can pair the Eccotemp L5 Portable Water Heater with your pressure washer for a more thorough cleaning.   

E. Instant, Endless Hot Water 

The Eccotemp L5 functions like an air conditioner, water penetrates the unit and moves through its coils heated up by a propane burner. It heats water whenever you feel like, without dry up, you will never fall short of hot water.

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You can venture out to a campsite or family outings armed with the Eccotemp L5. After a couple of seconds, the water will hit your desired temperature level. The propane-powered unit will provide a steady stream of hot water for car or boat washing, pavement cleaning and more.

What’s more, it’s a portable and recreational device that does not require permanent installation and plumbing into fixtures.       

Why should you use Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater? 

Powerful Propane-Powered Heating 

The Eccotemp L5 connects to a propane cylinder which holds the fuel required for heating. With a 20 pound reservoir, it can provide hot water for a minimum of 18 hours. A CSA approved control integrated into the box ensures a secure and usable pressure. It guzzles 37,500 BTU of liquid propane to heat up your water.

Better Efficiency 

The Eccotemp L5 model runs on liquid propane. Unlike standard electric units, these devices heat water more quickly with low power consumption. You can adjust the hot water output temperature from 80 to 150 °F. You can lop off up to 60% of your energy bill with this propane water heater.

2 "D" Cell Batteries 

The in-built spark generator runs on 2 "D" cell batteries. Battery ignition kicks in automatically. You can carry it along to remote camping sites off-grid or other places without electricity. It weighs 14 lbs for a super lightweight, portable and compact design permits easy to transport during camping. 

Flojet Water Pump 

You can engage in intense pumping with the Flojet 2.9 GPM water pump. It’s configured in a design meant to add pressure to your outdoor applications such as showers or cleaning chores. It features a pulsation eliminator for minimal frictional resistance, noise-cancellation mounts, and self-priming.

Multiple Uses 

Designed for use outdoors, the Eccotemp L5 comes in handy for campsites, cabins and around your backyard. You can pair it with your pressure washer to eliminate stubborn specks or dirt with hot water. It can clean a dirty car, boat and equipment to resuscitate their shine.

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Product Benefits

•    Battery igniter means it’s electricity-free

•    Portable and lightweight for outdoor use

•    20-minute auto-shutoff timer integrated adds another layer of safety to your water heating system

•    More energy efficient and superior over standard electric models

•    Emits 60% fewer carbon emissions compared to mainstream electronic counterparts

•    Flojet delivers up 2.9 GPM with strainer, CSA approved eliminator and noise-repellent mounts

•    Supplies endless tons of hot water outdoors efficiently.

the negative things

•    The unit requires extra ducts, connectors, and filter off the price tag

•    Not installable or mountable to a permanent position. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    How long will it spew water to clean my pets at a time?

It runs until you run out of water or propane.

2.    Can I mount this unit in the available space of my RV?

Yes, but you have to place the connections, pump battery, water, and propane nearby.

3.    Does it have an on-off button on the shower head?

Yes, ON/OFF shower head included.

4.     Does it have a hook up to a garden hose?

Yes, a garden hose adapter included.

5.    What’s the optimum operating range to use with this unit?

 20~80 PSI and modified water systems like the 12-volt pump.

Final Verdict

I hope this Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review feeds into your inquest for a propane-powered model. It churns out 2.9 GPM to sustainably run your applications. In the wake of soaring power bills, the Eccotemp L5 will do the job far much faster and consume low energy. You’ll cough up less for hot water output ranges from 80 °F to 150 °F.

Even if the water supplied to your property flows at low pressure, it does not stop heating due to the startup function that gobbles up 20 psi to fire up. The standard 20 pounds grill propane tank can provide hot water nonstop for 18 hours. 

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