Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review

By Robert Flores / May 21, 2020
Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review

In the wake of versatile water heater technology, installing a unit beneath the sink draws in hot water exactly where you want it- at the point of use. A point-of-use mini-tank water heater offers a unique configuration for smooth wall or ceiling mounted installation.

The present Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review relates to an electrical device for heating water. It holds 4 gallons of hot liquid (Ariston GL4) for on-demand supply. The mini-tank water heater services a hot water source connected to a plumbing fixture like a sink with proximate position-point of use instead of remote installation on the connections it serves.

The space-saving point-of-use electric water heater allows you to tuck it away subtly beneath a sink, in a nearby cabinet, or above the ceiling near the fixture. 

The Ariston GL4S charges ahead of the pack with its glass-lined tank offering better insulation properties than other water heaters. It delivers hot water in a trice without guzzling too much energy.

The glass-lined tank set in stone ensures a longer lifespan. Its unequaled insulation offers quick recovery and improved energy efficiency. Glass coating also minimizes corrosion of the inner metal lining. Magnesium anode rod further shields the tank against corrosion.

The anode contributes to corrosion deterrence in the water heater with improved systems which supplement glass-lined surface in protecting the tank. The anode provides ample residual protection to curb accelerated corrosion of exposed metal, or even minuscule rust of fittings to prevent water from discoloring.    

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2. Ultramodern Thermostatic Control  

 The unveiled GL4S has numerous advancements over the outgoing Ariston GL4. The new breed integrates an avant-garde temperature tweaking knob on the front of the unit to increase and decrease the temperature from 65 degrees to 145 degrees Fs. Conversely, its big brother required you to pull out the blue oval lid to access the temperature control button.

The Ariston GL4S comes with a futuristic thermostat that incorporates a unique sensing probe attachable to the thermo-regulator and slips into the cavity of the advanced element. Accordingly, the heater modulates temperatures faster and maintains a more constant heat.

The red light pops up and stays until it hits your preferred temperature, at which the blink fades, but will automatically, resurface if the settings drop below the chosen level.   

3. Multiple Mounting Options 

Like the GL 2.5, the Ariston GL4S taps into a cold water line and installs adjacently to the sink. To get rid of the delay time for hot water for more volume, ensconce the unit in-line with a more massive hot water source.

For wall mounting, use brackets and screws while it can comfortably sit on your floor. You will find pipe connections to the inlet and outlet nipple a breeze with this Ariston model.

You need no sophisticated wiring to fire your unit, just plug it into a standard outlet, and it swings into action. The small-size allows set-up in a couple of shakes.  

Ariston GL4S Electric

4. 4 Gallon Point-of-Use 

The Ariston GL4S packs a 4-gallon hot water tank at point-of-use, nearing your sink or pairing with your existing water heater. It offers the most excellent side unit to tote up 4 gallons of hot water output.

It delivers up a laudable flow rate to service kitchen and other household chores. It can add a new utility to an office with space constraints fixed under a sink and equipped with a water filter to make hot beverages.

It has an impressive recovery at 90 degrees F Rise, 6.8 Gallons per Hour. It’s also energy efficient as it heats up 4 gallons of liquid while only spending 12.5 amps.      

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5. Sheathed Heating Element for Optimal Reliability & Life  

The robust energy element with a heating range of 1500 watts lies at the heart of its high-level performance. Since GL4 hinges on a 1500 watt element, it will take approximately 22 minutes to warm the mini-tank to 122 degrees F.

The heating element dramatically cuts back recovery time for the efficient operation. You can heat up to 10-1/2 gallons per hour for a consistent supply of hot water. It only requires descaling infrequently with white vinegar or other particular solution.

The stainless steel sheath shields delicate thermal probe against mechanical impact and injects additional strength to inhibit dry-firing and helps curb caramelizing and overheating.   

Why should you use Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater? 

Mini-Tank for Low Flow Rates 

The small water heater makes the most excellent picking for cottages, campsites, and other specific settings with demands for low flow rate applications. It comes in a space-saving design that frees up chunks of valuable floor space.

Point-of-Use 4 Gallons Convenience

The Ariston GL4S point-of-use orientation means you will not grapple with installation as it comes with a plug and pressure valve. You can place it beneath the sink while it holds 4 gallons of hot water for regular use.

It works with standard volt outlet prevalent in most homes and offices. The pressure relief valve regulates the pressure of the water.

Energy Efficiency 

With a glass-lined tank, the GL4S offers improved insulation than its competitors in the market. It churns out instant hot water without eating up much energy like conventional electric water heaters.

Built-in thermostat incorporates a sensing probe to modulate and stabilize temperature. It consumes 12.5 amps to heat up, 4 gallons of water with a super-fast recovery rate.    

Easy Installation 

The lightweight, compact size and no-hard-wiring allows straightforward setup by one person. You can mount it in a concealed corner, above the ceiling, on a wall or directly on a surface.

It does not intrude too much space while it pairs together with an existing heating system to deliver a higher volume of hot water.

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From the sheathed heating element to the glass-lined tank, the Ariston GL4S will provide reliable service decades to come. The manufacturer and other suppliers offer replaceable anodes and heating element for homeowners to avoid the cost of acquiring a new unit. It’s easy to replace these components to resuscitate performance.  

Product Benefits

•    Cost-efficient, energy-efficient and low-cost installation

•    Super-lightweight and compact for seamless setup, portability, and servicing

•    Can work autonomously or supplement existing water heating systems

•    Supplies instantaneous hot water with regulated pressure

•    Suitable for homes and offices

•    Easily installable with various mounting options

•    New and highly developed thermostat and temperature control knob

•    Pressure valve included

the negative things

•    Heating element requires removal of lime and scale deposits to prevent damage while magnesium anode also calls for frequent replacement . 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    How long will this unit take on average to heat up 4 gallons of liquid?

Around 22 minutes.

2.    What’s the water inlet and outlet dimensions for threading?


3.    Does it require any breaker and of what capacity?

A standard 15A circuit will do the job.

4.    Can you repair a leaking tank to continue using the unit?

Yes, you can fix or replace it.

Final Verdict

Our Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review touts salient features evolved from the older version-including the highly developed adjustable thermostatic control. Its 1500 Watt element will preheat your water on demand without keeping you on tenterhooks to undertake many different chores. The glass-lined, thick-foam insulation promotes heating efficiency. Unlimited mounting options make its use a breeze. It will give the best bang for your buck if you want a point-of-use electric heater to band together with an existing system or run low flow output applications. You can use it as a side unit to feed additional 4 gallons of hot water to your arsenal.    

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