How hard is it to switch to a tankless water heater?

By Robert Flores / October 27, 2022

Tankless water heater replacement is a complex process that involves the skills of a highly trained technician. Unless you are experienced and comfortable enough to solder pipe, make gas connections and following local codes, hire a licensed professional.

Do you need electricity for a gas tankless water heater?

While on-demand gas water heaters don’t rely on electricity as a fuel source to heat water, on-demand heaters usually have a control panel that is powered by electricity which is the ‘brains’ of the water heater. So even a tankless gas water heater will not work independently in a power outage.

Does a tankless water heater need a dedicated gas line?

Because tankless units heat water on demand they require higher BTUs (or they operate on high heat). This requires a greater ‘jolt’ of gas, and therefore, a minimum ¾” gas line. On the other hand, because tanks are constantly heating water (or they operate on low heat), they require a constant supply of gas.

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How do I size a tankless water heater for my house?

There are two factors that need to be considered when sizing a tankless water heater: Flow Rate (GPM): How much hot water you will need at any given time. Temperature Rise (?T): The difference between the incoming cold water temperature and the desired temperature.

Can my breaker panel handle a tankless water heater?

Do not use the same calculated amperage as your final size breaker for tankless water heater. Otherwise, you’ll risk accidents because there’ll be no protection for a power surge. The National Electric Code (NEC) states that a circuit breaker should only handle 80% or less of its total capacity. Oct 3, 2022

What size breaker do you need for a tankless water heater?

Electrical Requirements Model Recommended Breaker Recommended Household Electric Service ECO 11 1 x 60 Amps DP 125 Amps ECO 8 1 x 40 Amps DP 100 Amps POU 6 1 x 30 Amps 100 Amps POU 3.5 1 x 30 Amps 100 Amps 4 more rows

How many amps does it take to run a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater requires 120 amps to run on average. If your home is older, you’ll likely need a professional electrician to upgrade your system and increase the amount of amperage available in your home. Oct 21, 2021

How much does it cost to install an electric tankless water heater?

The national average for tankless water heater installation cost is around $2,800. Depending on the model, the units themselves usually cost between $500 and $2,000, with installation adding another $500 to $1,500. However, for large or specialty units, you may pay as much as $6,600 in total costs. Aug 8, 2022

Where should tankless water heater not be installed?

You should not install your tankless system in an area that is prone to moisture or excess humidity, or where liquids may splash on it. Moisture can corrode the burner and restrict gas supply, causing the system to shut down. The location of your heater should be free from dust and debris. Sept 1, 2022

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How much room is needed for a tankless water heater?

It is true that tankless water heaters do not require a lot of space. A large unit requires an area no larger than 24 inches square and ex- tends from the wall by about 8 to 10 inches.

What happens if you don’t flush your tankless water heater?

What happens if I don’t flush out my tankless water heater? Mineral deposits may build up. This could cause a clog within the unit and may prevent normal heating activity. Your hot water could also fluctuate and overheat the system, impacting its efficiency. Sept 17, 2022

How much does it cost to install a tankless gas water heater?

The typical range for tankless heater installation is between $4,500 and $6,500, averaging out to around $5,500 (including the water heater, warranty and tune ups). The tankless heater installation without the unit can cost between $1800 and $3500, averaging out to around $2650. Aug 26, 2022

How often should I change my tankless water heater filter?

every 6 months We typically recommend changing your filter every 6 months. If at the 6 month mark, you notice your filter is very dirty, you may decide to change your filters more often. If at the 6 month mark you notice your filter is still clean, you may decide to give it more time between filter changes.

What is the downside of a tankless water heater?

In addition to high upfront costs, tankless water heaters have several other disadvantages compared to tank-style water heaters: they take longer to deliver hot water. the water temperature is inconsistent when multiple outlets are on simultaneously. they cannot provide hot water during a power outage. Oct 16, 2022

Do tankless water heaters increase electric bill?

Tankless heaters can be 8-14% more energy-efficient for households that use around 86 gallons daily. Installing a tankless heater at each hot water outlet, says, can increase tankless water heater energy savings by up to 27-50%. Oct 6, 2016

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Are tankless hot water heaters noisy?

Tankless water heaters will all make some noise when starting up and heating water, but the noise levels are usually reasonable and not cause for concern. Feb 17, 2016

What is the quietest water heater?

Quietest background noise The Rheem Performance Platinum is also known for being the quietest heat pump water heater on the market. It runs at 49 dB (a low hum) compared to AO Smith’s 51 dB and Bradford White’s 55 dB.

How do I make my water heater quieter?

Insulate the water heater The best way to do this is to wrap some fiberglass insulation (Amazon) around the tank. Although this is a product for thermal insulation, it does a good job of muffling sound too. I’d recommend using vinyl tape for this job because it’s heat resistant.

Why is my water tank so noisy?

The sound: screaming or screeching If your water heater is making a screaming sound while in use, the problem likely lies in the check valves in the water lines. When check valves cannot fully open, the water is forced to squeeze through, building pressure and causing a high-pitched noise. Jan 30, 2021

Is 200 amp service enough for tankless water heater?

A 200-amp service allows operation of multiple appliances at once, while a 60-amp service won’t provide enough power to run an electric hot water heater, air conditioner and hair dryer simultaneously. The EcoSmart Eco-18 model requires two 40-amp breakers for installation and has a 75-amp draw. Nov 7, 2019


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