What should I look for when buying a tankless water heater?

By Robert Flores / October 27, 2022

There are two things you need to consider before purchasing a tankless water heater: the flow rate, meaning the water measured in gallons per minute (GPM) for a fixture or appliance, and the temperature rise, which is the difference between the groundwater temperature and the desired hot-water output temperature.

How much room do you need for an electric tankless water heater?

When it is closed, the tankless unit stops heating the water. It is true that tankless water heaters do not require a lot of space. A large unit requires an area no larger than 24 inches square and ex- tends from the wall by about 8 to 10 inches.

Do tankless water heaters produce carbon monoxide?

A kit installed on the tankless water heaters and boilers to convert them from natural gas to propane can cause the unit to produce excessive amounts of carbon monoxide, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to consumers.

How do I convert my gas water heater to tankless?

This includes: Mounting the tankless water heater. Running the water heater’s vent to meet local code regulations (for gas models) Installing the gas line (for gas models) Installing new water lines. Installing the pressure relief valve. Connecting the electrical supply to the water heater. More items…

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How long does it take to install a tankless water?

Afterward, the tankless unit must also be mounted and connected. Tankless to Tankless Installation: This generally takes between one to three hours.

How do you winterize a tankless hot water heater?

How to Winterize Tankless Water Heaters. First, the heater should be turned off and the power cord unplugged. The gas and water supply lines should then be shut and the tank drained. When the water pressure reduces, the inlet and outlet water pipes should be disconnected. Nov 25, 2015

How long does it take a tankless water heater to thaw?

Once the pipes start to thaw, water will trickle out of the faucet on the hot side and the unit will kick on. On average, it takes 30-60 minutes to thaw a frozen tankless water heater.

How do you insulate a tankless hot water heater?

There are two general choices. You can apply either pipe insulation, a material that’s similar to wall insulation but it’s made specifically for plumbing pipes, or heating wire and pipe tape. Apply the insulation materials to the plumbing pipes, ensuring that the pipe insulation is adhering tightly to the piping.

Will pipes freeze with tankless water heater?

Not just your water heater, but also your pipes are at risk from frigid temperatures, and they are NOT protected by the freeze prevention system in your heater. Be sure to insulate pipes with fiberglass or polyethylene insulation or heat tape. Feb 9, 2017

Do tankless water heaters need to be winterized?

You have to make sure that your tankless water heater is prepared for winter. As with basic HVAC maintenance, you should turn off the unit first and unplug it from the power source. After that, turn off the water supply and drain the unit’s water. Reduce the water pressure and disconnect the heater’s pipes. Jan 7, 2022

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Does cold weather affect tankless water heater?

If the water is colder, the tankless water heater can’t provide as much hot water per minute because it takes longer to heat it. Just like it would take you longer to cook frozen food than refrigerated food. Dec 21, 2021

Is a tankless water heater worth it?

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, a tankless water heater is more efficient and uses less energy than a conventional water heater, providing a $25 to $107 in annual savings. If your hot water use is low (less than 41 gallons per day), a tankless water heater will be 24% to 34% more efficient. Jun 4, 2021

What size gas line do I need for a tankless water heater?

¾-inch A typical tankless water heater will need a ¾-inch gas line. However, if there is sufficient pressure and the run length is short enough, a ½-inch line may be sufficient with certain tankless water heaters, such as the Noritz EZ Series. Nov 8, 2018

Can you install a tankless water heater anywhere?

Tankless water heaters can be installed anywhere inside your home. You can even have a tankless water heater in a bathroom! Some families with larger homes choose to install two, one for each floor, for example. Because of their small size, they fit in closets, cabinets, pantries or laundry rooms. Oct 29, 2020

How far does a tankless water heater need to be from a window?

Indoor Installations A tankless water heater requires a 4-foot clearance from the side or below a door or window that opens, unless the unit is directly vented to the outside, says Ernie Graves. If the water heater is installed above the door or window, it needs 12 inches of clearance.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor tankless water heater?

An indoor tankless water heater is installed inside your home. An outdoor unit is installed outside the home and is designed to withstand the elements. If you live in a climate where temperatures drop below freezing, you must always be sure to take precautions to avoid freeze damage, such as draining the unit. Mar 9, 2022

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What is the best outdoor tankless gas water heater?

Best Overall: Rinnai RU199eN Outdoor Tankless Water Heater The Rinnai RU199eN is our top pick and we consider it to be the best outdoor tankless water heater you can buy. This condensing tankless is capable of delivering up to 11 GPM (gallons per minute), and can support up to 7 appliances.

How often do tankless water heaters need to be flushed?

once a year Over time, a tankless water heater may accumulate mineral build up which can erode the walls inside your tank’s heating chamber. To properly maintain and clean your tankless water heater, it’s important to flush those mineral deposits at least once a year.

What happens if you don’t flush your tankless water heater?

What happens if I don’t flush out my tankless water heater? Mineral deposits may build up. This could cause a clog within the unit and may prevent normal heating activity. Your hot water could also fluctuate and overheat the system, impacting its efficiency. Sept 17, 2022

How much does flushing a tankless water heater cost?

It costs around $150 to flush a tankless water heater. You especially need it at least annually if you have well water with a lot of iron. That causes more sediment buildup. The process takes about a half-hour. Jul 29, 2021



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