Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Every homeowner would make a beeline for a tankless water heater deal over conventional tank-type units. Digital remote tankless water heater manufacturers now increase their footprint in the market by churning out ultra-efficient models designed to lop off up to 60% of your energy bill.

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

Arm yourself with a super-powerful energy element, and one unit can heat water for all applications within your residential premises. Pore over the Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review-a model shaped by novel space age technology.

All TITAN-SCR2 models integrate a manually resettable thermostat paired with a fast-paced and clockwork-accurate temperature sampling mechanism. The models shine with an advanced air/water deferential analyzing system to deter dry starts, a glaring omission left by competitors.

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Unique Design in Rugged Construction

The Titan SCR2 N-120 blends the compact size to snugly squeeze in the tightest spaces with perdurable (no plastics) construction that’s as hard as nails.

The space-saving design stands outs in comparison to a conventional tank heater that intrudes up to 20 cubic feet of your room and weighs more than 130lbs. The unit occupies merely .21 cubic feet and checks in at 9lbs making it 80 times tinier than a conventional system.

Copper heating elements and copper case shield against galvanic corrosion. Due to its Dual Incoloy Nichrome heating elements, copper, and brass housing, you can use the Titan SCR2 where mineral deposits prey on the natural life of conventional water heaters.

2. High Efficiency Up to 99.5%

The smart electronic board of the Titan N-120 works with a self-controlling micro-controller. Its high efficiency stems from the high-performance microprocessor that analyzes incoming and outgoing temperatures 21 times in a second. The power control technology samples the data and manages power consumption for optimal efficiency and temperature stability.

When dormant, the unit uses no energy at all. Whittle down up to 60% on your water heating overheads with an energy efficiency of up to 99.5%. Since it warms water instantaneously as you need it and only when you demand it, it ditches the baggage of a super-massive water heater that preheats water endlessly.

3. Simple Thermo Controls

The Titan SCR2 N-120 offers versatile and reliable power control for applications either as a point of use or to pump unlimited hot water to a whole condo or small house. You only need to adjust the thermal control on front cover using dual buttons: Up (Red) and Down (Blue).

You select the temperature and energy use aligned with the water application needed. The top-speed and more accurate temperature analyzing system and a manually resettable thermostat allow you to raise and drop water temperature.

You can determine temperature from the flow rate in cold climate regions of the north. For protection, it integrates the Digital Temperature Control and Manual Resettable Thermostat.

4. Easy Installation

The small size makes the delivery, installation or service of the Titan SCR2 N-120 a piece of cake. Venting-free, it’s quick and easy to set up in a vertical setup. The box packages a Booklet, Compression Fittings, Brackets, Screws, and Warranty.

The ½” Compression Fitting Rings and Nuts for inlet and outlet connections will fit like a glove; you do not need any other threaded coupling.

Inexpensive plastic piping like PEX and CPVC require a 36” copper tube to the inlet and outlet as well as a pressure relieve-valve. Attach the two brackets to the rear of the unit to secure it to the wall without having to fling open the front lid.

5. Flow Rate & Temperature Increment

The Titan SCR2 N-120 delivers up 0.4 GPM ON and 0.3 GPM OFF, plentiful for hot water demands of homes and apartments in various applications. In warm climates, the model will support a small house with up to two baths.

It also acts as a point-of-use water heater in cold climates when required for a sink and other low flow consumption. If you own a rental apartment or vacation rooms with two bathrooms in warm climates, it packs quite a punch. It comes in handy in areas where the inlet water temperature checks at 65° F.

The Temperature Rise Chart (° Fahrenheit) above your ambient temperature clears up the Flow Rate and Thermo Rise in detail.

Why should you use Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater?

Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

1. Fast, Easy Thermo Control

The Titan SCR2 N-120 incorporates a high-tech microprocessor for a quicker and clockwork-accurate temperature control. It comes with air and water deferential sampling system to inhibit dry start. The in-built digital microprocessor detects the incoming and outgoing water temperature 21 rounds in a second. The data feeds into the micro-controller that regulates power outflow for high efficiency and temperature stability.

2. Super-Energy Efficiency

The unit delivers up to 99.5% energy efficiency by heating water on demand without the tank-type systems that dissipate standby loss. It will trim down up to 60% over traditional electric water heaters with better thermal efficiency.

3. Designed for Household Uses

One or dual Titan SCR2 N-120 units will warm up water for houses, apartments, condominiums, cottages, RVs, and other settings where you need endless hot water. It’s configured for warm climate zones with incoming water temperature beyond 65° degrees Fahrenheit. You can use 1-to-3 standard bathrooms.

4. Solid As Rock

With no plastics, heavy-duty materials such as brass and copper interior, Steel Casing, and Dual Incoloy Nichrome heating elements offer a limescale-proof and durable construction. Despite its compressed shape, it boasts superior performance.

5. Straightforward Controls

You adjust the temperature level with digital temperature control on the front cover. A power mode control permits you to increase and decrease temperature painlessly. The Red/ON indicator shows work condition and Amber standby. You can determine the hot water temperature and flow rate at a specific temperature increment.

  • Integrates proprietary air/water deferential sampling system to deter dry starts and powerful digital microprocessor
  • Unit’s technology maintains efficient power usage and keeps the outlet hot water temperature steady
  • 60% energy savings over traditional tank-type models
  • Minimalist, compact-sized and super-lightweight for easy set-up and troubleshoot
  • Endures lime and sediment stockpiles from hard water with shielded Dual Incoloy Nichrome elements and copper and brass cover
  • 99.5% energy efficiency, delivers water on demand
  • Flow rate activation of 0.4 GPM and 0.3 GPM at rest
  • You need to consult a professional plumber and electrician for breaker wire, wire gauge and amperage before installation

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you install the Titan SCR2 N-120 indoors?

Yes, the more proximate you mount to the point-of-use, the quicker you get hot water.

  1. How many baths can it service in an apartment?

Use two to avoid overreach.

  1. How do I increase the water temperature?

You need to turn on a hot water tap and then press the buttons; water should flow through the unit.

  1. Does it come with a remote or digital display for adjusting with chilly and warm climate?

No, only a temperature control on front facing.

  1. Can you use PEX and plastic lines with this?


Final Verdict

Springing from the preceding Titan SCR2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review, the unit transforms your tapestry of 21st Century residential appliances.

You can count on the Titan-SCR2 for reliability and performance to bath in endless hot water and use in other applications. It’s a new generation of Titan tankless water heaters shaped by new space age technology for high efficiency.

It has a faster and overly accurate temperature analyzing system with all bells and whistles sparse in the competition. At 0.4 GPM minimum flow and activation rate, it meets a variety of uses for a house, condominiums, small businesses and other settings that quest endless hot water.

Product Reviews

For a household water heater that runs showers, kitchen or laundry, you must get one that guarantees an endless supply. Condensing storage heaters will never keep you on tenterhooks awaiting preheated water in the middle of your relaxing shower or hot tub immersion.

NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8GPM Indoor Condensing Vent Review

The Noritz NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8 GPM Indoor Condensing Vent Review spells out a whole house unit with high efficiency, easy installation and better capacity range.

The gas-fired model renders 93% thermal efficiency and steady temperature without a buffer tank. Even at the minimal low-pressure loss, it will bathe you in a delightful shower experience and a broad range of flow rates.

Noritz NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8 GPM Indoor Condensing Vent Review | 5 Major Features

1. Gas-Fired Condensing Vent

Like other condensing tankless water heaters, the Noritz NRC98-DV-NG works with a draft-inducing fan that thrusts air and fuel into a nonporous combustion chamber.

As the fuel combusts, burning gas exits via a secondary heat exchanger-a coiled steel cylinder immersed inside a tank. The combustion chamber and heat exchanger pack a large surface area that optimizes heat conductivity to the water.

The heat exchanger made from commercial-grade copper has a thermal efficiency of 93% while cutting back carbon emissions and exhaust temperatures. It has minimal standby losses and integrates an electronic ignition, which means no standing point. The gas consumption ranges lie in the region of 16,000 BTUh to 180,000 BTUh

2. Direct Vent

The Noritz NRC98-DV-NG condenser permits you to mount the system in small spaces indoors while you do not grapple with combustion. The condenser offers more efficiency than a tankless unit when you want to replace an existing heater at ultra-low costs.

You can shift from a conventional unit to a condensing vent, without the lifestyle adjustments associated with tankless models. It’s compatible with low-cost plastic plumbing piping.

You can use various types of pipes like PVC and CPVC, available at bottom-dollar rates instead of pricey stainless steel. The pipes safely vent the system and save hundreds of bucks eaten up by the numerous accessories required for small size tankless water heaters.

3. High-Tech Digital Controls

For seamless functionality and efficiency, the Noritz NRC98-DV-NG integrates a self-diagnostic computerized system and digital remote for constant on-demand hot water temperature output.

The Quick-Connect cord allows you to band two identical units together and monitor with one controller system. Multiple heaters connected pump out higher hot water output. Intuitive temperature controls include a remote thermostat that can precisely modulate output temperature from 100°F to 140°F.

You can swap the temperature readings from °C to °F. The Temperature Lockout enhances efficiency by eliminating latent heat. Additional features for improved operation include High Elevation Adjustment, Condensate Overflow Monitoring System, and Service Reminder Function.

4. Safety Devices

The unit possesses some safety devices that keep its operation at full tilt. A flame sensor secures the fire for continuous heating without fading. It also features a factory-built Overheat Prevention Device with temperature-sensitive components for thermal protection.

If you use solar energy and have installed the unit at an elevated position on the roof, the Lightning Protection Device offsets damage from lightning strikes. A built-in Freeze Protection defends the Noritz NRC98-DV-NG from the most extreme conditions.

Free damage usually arises when water trapped in the unit turns into ice, expanding and denigrating the internal components. The Condensate Overflow Monitoring System detects and stops unsafe levels of condensation process.

5. Super-Energy-Efficient

The ENERGY STAR-rated Noritz NRC98-DV-NG composes a super efficient condensing model with environmental-friendly benefits. It has an impressive Energy Factor of 0.92 (Natural Gas) and 0.94 (Propane). The Energy Factor comes from computing the amount of thermal energy plus the water and dividing the total figure by the energy consumed to heat it.

You do not need to crunch the numbers-it provides annual savings up to 40% in utility expenditure. It’s thermally efficient at 93% and fully condensing for firing with natural gas and propane. It has no standby loss as it heats water on-demand, you will not dissipate BTU with the burner off.

Why should you use Noritz NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8 GPM Indoor Condensing Vent?

1. Space-Saving & Durable Construction

The Noritz NRC98-DV-NG boasts ANSI Z21.10.3/CSA 4.3-certified design suitable for wall-mounting anywhere. It has a sturdy steel housing with Polyester coating while the heat exchanger has commercial-grade copper as well as 25% thicker pipes than mainstream models.

2. Venting Options

For outdoor, you don’t need venting, but indoor direct vent poses no obstacles. It works with different plastic flue adapters compatible with 3” and 4” Schedule 40 or 80 PVC/CPVC pipe. You can transform it into a non-direct vent model using a Conventional Kit.

3. Reliable Hot Water Output

The Noritz NRC98-DV-NG has a Stable Temperature Control; you will not need a buffer tank to strike a balance. It has no standby heat loss making it energy efficient. Low-Pressure Loss functionality offers an improved user experience across various household applications.

4. Multiple Residential Applications

With a maximum of 180,000 BTU/Hour, the unit can meet the domestic demands of Northern households with two bathrooms or Southern homes with three. You can count on its capacity range flow rates of 0.5 GPM to 9.8 GPM, which makes it the most energy efficient and greenest model in its class.

5. Condensing Vent

Condensing models render 90% + efficiency and more straightforward to retrofit compared to tankless units. The heat exchanger facilitates the thermal energy of 93% with excellent heat conductivity. The Noritz NRC98-DV-NG heats water in a trice while you can get output at extremely shallow flow rates.

  • Ultra-Efficient with Thermal Efficiency of 93% and Energy Factor 0.92 Natural Gas/0.94 Propane
  • High flow rate for small to medium households from below 1 GPM to 9.8 GPM
  • Installation flexibility with PVC and CPVC piping, low-cost zero clearance plastic pipes enable longer vent stretches up to 62 ft lengthwise
  • Stable Temperature Control and Low-Pressure Loss
  • Loads of safety devices including Freeze Protection and Flame Sensor
  • Commercial-grade, sturdy copper heat exchanger
  • Compact design snugly allows wall-mounting indoors or outdoors
  • Additional venting options
  • Difficult to install as a DIY, you will have to engage a technician well-versed with venting condensers

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this unit come with a digital control interface?


  1. Does the Noritz NRC98-DV-NG run quietly than fans?


  1. Does it include an internal re-circulating pump?


  1. Does it consume electricity to fire up?

Yes, you’ll need a 120V outlet proximate to the unit.

  1. Can you use PVC for venting?


Final Verdict

The Noritz NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8 GPM Indoor Condensing Vent Review dispels the myth that tankless water heaters rank at the top of the tree always. Undoubtedly, tankless heaters have commanded media attention become more familiar with the populous.

Recently, plumbers have started to recommend condensing vents for replacement due to their high efficiency and low installation costs with PVC. You can switch from a conventional unit to a condensing model without breaking the bank.

If you install the Noritz NRC98-DV-NG, you will cough up less for gas bills and never run out of hot water occasionally. It provides improved thermal efficiency and energy savings of up to 40% while generating hot water in the endless gush.

Product Reviews

Propane-fueled, instant tankless water heaters will guarantee hot water when you need it and tighten the purse strings. They add a whole new ballgame with a different style to heat water in chilly climates without costing you an arm and leg.

Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater Review

Propane has low carbon emissions and dissipates less energy. In an ever-evolving market, our Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater Review discusses an electricity-free unit that works very fast at low level water pressure.

It cuts back 60% of your energy bill and lasts for decades keeping up to 87% efficiency level. Easily installable, you can fix it at multiple points of use. You can heat large volumes of water as required in a trice.

Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Super-Energy-Efficient

The Marey Power Gas 10L will serve up endless hot water with optimum energy efficiency. No electricity needed, its natural gas and LP-powered which consumes 50% less energy, costing less to run, than the electricity variety. Liquid propane has double the BTU or heating efficiency giving you an option that burns cleaner and heats water with superior performance.

The unit will only guzzle the gas or LP once you turn on a faucet with water flowing out. It shrinks utility bills and ensures you do not keep gas continuously. It uses 60% less power compared to conventional water heater. When you use natural gas, you get 23% more efficiency than a traditional storage model with 60% efficiency.

2. Electric Pulse Ignition 2 D Cell Batteries

Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water HeaterThe igniter of the gas-fed Marey model utilizes 2D cell batteries and electric pulse-no electricity. The cell batteries ensure the system has a constant supply of heat to spread in the unit.

Heating springs from a dual ignition device with an ion in the assembly to detect the flame. The ultra-sensitive electronic ignition fueled by 2 “D” cell batteries make it ideal for off-grid or far-flung areas with no electricity.

With the two “D” cell batteries, you can get hot water virtually anywhere. Auto-ignition minimizes installation costs as you don’t need an electrical connection. The 2 D replaceable batteries bring convenience and flexibility dearth in standard electric water heaters.

3. Anti-combustion, Anti-Freezing & Gas Pressure Safety Protection

The Marey Power Gas 10L provides energy savings through the combustion unit’s summer/winter switch. Due to the frigid temperatures during winter, the system amplifies the flame’s size to offset for the additional heating that’s needed. It regulates energy depending on the climatic conditions prevailing to save more energy.

The unit integrates auto-cut off defensive system that turns off the gas delivery if the flame fades for any reason. An anti-freezing protection feature removes the water discharge valve to build up the standing water in the internal piping. It prevents freezing of the water. The copper heat exchanger resists corrosion and its rust-proof to deter water loss from leaks.

4. Low Water Pressure Startup

The unit works seamlessly with low levels of water pressure. The manufacturer’s recommended water pressure: 3.6 – 145.0 PSI derives from advanced startup technology.

It can activate with merely 3.6 psi of water pressure. Its rivals fade in comparison to this technique as they work with a pressurized pump or at least 20 to 30 psi to fire due to their obsolete systems.

Accordingly, it’s suitable if you have low water pressure and need hot water delivered to upper floors. As long as you maintain sufficient low, the sensor will not shut down while it does not overheat. Even if piping and fittings have pressure loss, it does not cause low flow rates at fixtures such as shower heads.

5. Digital Panel Display

The Marey Power Gas 10L digital panel display shows outgoing temperature. At a standard tap flow of 1.5 GPM, you can raise temperature by 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The LCD display manifests an accurate outlet temperature which keeps output at the exact comfort level which you want.

It makes it a breeze to configure the unit without second-guessing the temperature of the hot water output. Additional gas and water control knobs adjust flow efficiently as well as prevent temperature fluctuations due to low liquid pressure. You can also decrease the amount of gas spent when the unit heats up at extremely high temperatures.

Why should you use Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater?

Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water Heaters Review

1. Compressed, Space-Saving Design

Your Marey unit’s compactness frees up chunks of space encroached by conventional tank-type units. It’s also super-lightweight and aesthetic with easy installation anywhere in your house. Plus, you do not need a patchwork of electrical connections to get it going.

2. Anti-Combustion & Gas Pressure Safety Protection

The anti-combustion feature prevents dry-ignition by automatically shutting off the gas supply. The gas pressure protection inhibits overkill levels to avoid damage. It also boasts other safety controls that make its operation a piece of cake.

 3. Energy-Saving

The Marey Power Gas 10L Digital Panel Tankless Water Heater serves up endless hot water with optimum energy efficiency. You can go for LP with BTU efficiency. It heats up in nanoseconds and only consumes gas when you open the hot water faucet.

4. Eco-Friendly

The Marey stands out as an environmentally-friendly product fueled by a natural source of energy to warm water. The High Capacity Gas Tankless water heater also spews negligible greenhouse pollutants, making it an overly nature-hugging system.

5. Pristine Crystalline Water

Given that the unit does not accumulate rust, your water remains safe, pure and clean for healthy consumption. You can count on it for fresh and crystalline water for residential applications. It gives a peace of mind in a world lurking with clandestine contaminants such as lead.

  • Thermal efficiency (54% – 87 %;), heats up in a trice and only sucks up gas when a faucet flows with water
  • Easy set-up and integrates auto ignition
  • Compatible with both Liquid Propane and natural gas
  • Digital display and gas/water control knobs for precision
  • Corrosion-proof heating element and rust-free
  • Works smoothly with low levels of water pressure
  • Anti-combustion and gas pressure defensive systems
  • Maintains 87% efficiency rate throughout its natural life
  • Electricity-free works with 2D cell batteries off-grid
  • 100% compliance to the pre-requisites laid down by the Department of Energy
  • Super-DIY-friendly for simple installation and replacements
  • Hot water supply per minute at 3.1 gallons per minute too shallow compared to the competition rates

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Flue duct type connote?

A flue duct refers to a tube, pipe or crevice in a chimney for delivering exhaust gases from a kiln, water heater, and boiler outside.

  1. Can you install it outdoors or it won’t survive the ravages?

It’s strictly for indoor use.

  1. Will this unit feed enough water with pressure for my shower?

Yes, but you’ll have to adjust pressure.

  1. Does anyone know the exact product dimensions?

24″ x 14″ x 7″ and Weighs approx. 21 lbs.

  1. Can this model run purely on propane as it’s prevalent where I live?

Yes, it’s available on LP and natural gas.

Final Verdict

The upshot of the Marey Power Gas 10L Tankless Water Heater Review urges you to add it to your cart or share it on social media for more grapevine exposure. You will not have to grapple with electrical connections. It comes in a compact, lightweight and space-saving design suitable for mounting indoors.

It boasts a digital panel display showing the output water temperature so that you don’t have to pluck off ballpark figures from the air for outlet settings. Electronic pulse ignition with two D-cell batteries makes it convenient for off-grid areas. Besides, it’s ultra-efficient and greener than standard electric water heaters.

Product Reviews

Want to nip the water heater problems in the bud? A wise homeowner needs to probe the super-quality and cost-efficient heaters. From the trenches, a vast pool of customers and industry experts now confirm that standard electric heaters pale in comparison to the latest natural gas-powered units.

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater Review

The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater Review uncovers a unique assemblage suitable for multiple small to medium applications.

Natural gas-fired, it will offset your installation costs, function during electricity blackouts, last longer and pose minimal maintenance or replacement demands. Eccotemp FVI-12-NG eats up less energy, has high-level performance, and high-tech features.

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Sleek, Space-Saving & Super-Quality Craftsmanship

The propane-fueled tankless water heater comes with an elegant modern appearance in a compressed shape that snugly fits any space. Weighing merely 33 lbs and measuring 6” x 15.5” x 25”, you only need to carve out a small area to accommodate it.

Upper crust craftsmanship and highly developed technology results in a state-of-the-art model. Premium quality materials used to construct the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG make it sturdy, durable and super-lightweight.

It will meet the needs of vacation cabins, RVs, cottages, and smaller homes with space constraints that make it impossible to station a behemoth water heater. Despite its compact appearance, it functions with clockwork accuracy.

2. Digital Intuitive Controls

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG comes with a digital temperature display that permits you to adjust settings for precise heat output and water flow rate. It displays the temperature readings of outgoing water.

The unit’s digital thermometers adjust easily and give you the ability to manipulate smoothly. It also possesses self-diagnostic tool that illuminates you on the nuts and bolts of a tankless water heater. The heater also has a water-stress-activated 40 PSI minimum digital ignition.

Electronic ignition mechanism ensures that the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG consumes gas only to heat up water. Separate controls allow you to regulate gas pressure and water output temperature differently.

3. High-Level Performance

The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG delivers superior performance while gobbling up less energy. It only siphons off roughly 2 watts at rest and 10 watts when running, making it ideal for energy conservation (Energy factor: 79%). The FVI-12-NG provides a 45 °F surge when running at maximum flow capacity or a 77 °F temperature wave at 2.3 gallons per minute.

It’s also equipped with a gas and water control interface with a minimum and maximum gas rate of 25,000 to 74,500 BTUs respectively. The model boasts power ventilation for improved safety and efficiency. Easily mountable, you can get warm water on demand while it works without a conventional storage tank prone to “standby” energy loss.

4. Simple Installation

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water HeatersThe system comes with a stainless steel vent kit at-the-ready for set up. The package includes a 110 volt UL listed power cord to connect the internal exhaust fan and digital screen. It works with a standard household 120V electric outlet as part of the listed electrical components.

True 1/2″ NPT water fittings allow easy installation and power air flow promotes safety, efficiency, and airing vent options. It offers many conveniences with a compatible and flexible system that you can easily mount to a vertical space and a wall in a safe perimeter in your house. With modicum DIY, you may not require a plumber to set it up.

5. Endless Hot Water

Since the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG warms water on-demand, you get an unending supply of hot H2O. With a hot water capability range of 0.93-4.8 GPM, it can feed multiple hot water applications simultaneously. It can provide 4 GPM on a regular basis for an RV, cottages, as well as tiny houses.

It supports small-to-medium water supplies where you want more than one hot water application in one fell swoop. The tankless water heater with a maximum temperature increment of 45 °F will hit the highest flow rate.

It provides a continuous stream of hot water around the clock. It packs ultra-powerful elements that pump out more power than systems ensconced in conventional storage tanks.

Why should you use Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater?

Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Compressed, Space-Saving Design

You can mount the FVI-12-NG virtually anywhere due to its small shape. With traditional methods, you have to give up chunks of space. The sleek modern design does not add an eyesore to your interior décor like super-mammoth hot storage tanks.

2. Easy Operation

The digital temperature display allows you to adjust settings for water and gas rate with a broad range of both. Manual temperature controls add convenience. Exact temperature and water flow tweaking provide a more customized output. You can get a temperature increase and flow rate that meets a variety of residential applications.

3. High-Tech Components

The Eccotemp FVI-12-NG Tankless Water Heater comes with power ventilation for security, efficiency, and added venting options. It also includes a Tested-Safe electronic ignition system, internal exhaust fan, and digital display.

4. Reasonable Flow Rate

The FVI-12-NG renders a flow rate of 0.93 -to- 4.8 GPM with exceptional performance while using minimal energy. The gas-fired water heater can meet hot water requirements for small to medium family-sized applications. You can use hot water on two faucets at the same time. It makes an ideal picking for cabins, small apartments, cottages, condos and other similar settings.

5. Energy-Saving

The gas-powered unit will slash plethora dollars off your annual energy bill. It does not guzzle tons of watts to retain heat in a hot storage reservoir like conventional models. It only warms water on-demand, which means no burden of stick-by energy loss.

  • Natural gas-fed for minimal carbon emissions
  • Precise temperature and water flow rate adjustment
  • Heats water on-demand for energy efficiency (EF 79%)
  • Sleek modern and space-saving design
  • Digital thermometer display and manual water temperature controls for secure operations
  • Power ventilation improves safety, efficiency and venting alternatives
  • Advanced and Tested-Safe Electronic ignition system
  • Supports more than one hot water production applications for small to medium family-sized applications
  • Reduced risk of water leakage and damage as it does not hold a tank that may burst
  • Unlimited hot water supply
  • Recommends flushing every three months
  • Lacks scale or leak detectors as well as internal freeze protection

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the size of the gas line inlet?

1/2″ NPT water fittings and standard household 120-volt electric outlet

  1. Can it supply water incessantly for one hour in my RV or mobile home?


  1. Can I take a long shower with the Eccotemp FVI-12-NG?

Yes, if you keep the correct flow rate.

  1. Can you vent it vertically through existent venting or you have to do it horizontally?

You can vent vertically, but you’ll need the safe pair of hands from a plumber.

  1. How much does it weigh in comparison to storage tanks?

33 lbs, it’s incredibly lightweight.

Final Verdict

Our Eccotemp FVI-12-NG High Capacity Gas Tankless Water Heater Review propels the unit to the apex of these devices pecking order. It’s a handy unit fashioned for small to medium hot water supply where you need multiple applications simultaneously.

It has a compressed, space-saving design, offers energy efficiency with a 79% Energy Factor. The FVI-12-NG’s easy set-up, digitally-controlled temperature and flow rates, and electronic ignition make its use a piece of cake. You can tweak precise temperatures and water flow rate with no risk of inadvertent adjustments and accidents.

Furthermore, Eccotemp products’ lineup has recently charged ahead of the pack lately due to superior performance and multi-functionalities.

Product Reviews

In the wake of versatile water heater technology, installing a unit beneath the sink draws in hot water exactly where you want it- at the point of use. A point-of-use mini-tank water heater offers a unique configuration for smooth wall or ceiling mounted installation.

Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review

The present Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review relates to an electrical device for heating water. It holds 4 gallons of hot liquid (Ariston GL4) for on-demand supply. The mini-tank water heater services a hot water source connected to a plumbing fixture like a sink with proximate position-point of use instead of remote installation on the connections it serves.

The space-saving point-of-use electric water heater allows you to tuck it away subtly beneath a sink, in a nearby cabinet, or above the ceiling near the fixture.

Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Thick Foam Insulation & Magnesium Anode Tank

The Ariston GL4S charges ahead of the pack with its glass-lined tank offering better insulation properties than other water heaters. It delivers hot water in a trice without guzzling too much energy. The glass-lined tank set in stone ensures a longer lifespan.

Its unequaled insulation offers quick recovery and improved energy efficiency. Glass coating also minimizes corrosion of the inner metal lining. Magnesium anode rod further shields the tank against corrosion.

The anode contributes to corrosion deterrence in the water heater with improved systems which supplement glass-lined surface in protecting the tank. The anode provides ample residual protection to curb accelerated corrosion of exposed metal, or even minuscule rust of fittings to prevent water from discoloring.

2. Ultramodern Thermostatic Control

The unveiled GL4S has numerous advancements over the outgoing Ariston GL4. The new breed integrates an avant-garde temperature tweaking knob on the front of the unit to increase and decrease the temperature from 65 degrees to 145 degrees Fs.

Conversely, its big brother required you to pull out the blue oval lid to access the temperature control button. The Ariston GL4S comes with a futuristic thermostat that incorporates a unique sensing probe attachable to the thermo-regulator and slips into the cavity of the advanced element.

Accordingly, the heater modulates temperatures faster and maintains a more constant heat. The red light pops up and stays until it hits your preferred temperature, at which the blink fades, but will automatically, resurface if the settings drop below the chosen level.

3. Multiple Mounting Options

Like the GL 2.5, the Ariston GL4S taps into a cold water line and installs adjacently to the sink. To get rid of the delay time for hot water for more volume, ensconce the unit in-line with a more massive hot water source. For wall mounting, use brackets and screws while it can comfortably sit on your floor.

You will find pipe connections to the inlet and outlet nipple a breeze with this Ariston model. You need no sophisticated wiring to fire your unit, just plug it into a standard outlet, and it swings into action. The small-size allows set-up in a couple of shakes.

4. 4 Gallon Point-of-Use

The Ariston GL4S packs a 4-gallon hot water tank at point-of-use, nearing your sink or pairing with your existing water heater. It offers the most excellent side unit to tote up 4 gallons of hot water output. It delivers up a laudable flow rate to service kitchen and other household chores.

It can add a new utility to an office with space constraints fixed under a sink and equipped with a water filter to make hot beverages. It has an impressive recovery at 90 degrees F Rise, 6.8 Gallons per Hour. It’s also energy efficient as it heats up 4 gallons of liquid while only spending 12.5 amps.

5. Sheathed Heating Element for Optimal Reliability & Life

The robust energy element with a heating range of 1500 watts lies at the heart of its high-level performance. Since GL4 hinges on a 1500 watt element, it will take approximately 22 minutes to warm the mini-tank to 122 degrees F. The heating element dramatically cuts back recovery time for the efficient operation.

You can heat up to 10-1/2 gallons per hour for a consistent supply of hot water. It only requires descaling infrequently with white vinegar or other particular solution.

The stainless steel sheath shields delicate thermal probe against mechanical impact and injects additional strength to inhibit dry-firing and helps curb caramelizing and overheating.

Why should you use Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater?

1. Mini-Tank for Low Flow Rates

The small water heater makes the most excellent picking for cottages, campsites, and other specific settings with demands for low flow rate applications. It comes in a space-saving ultramodern design that frees up chunks of valuable floor space.

2. Point-of-Use 4 Gallons Convenience

The Ariston GL4S point-of-use orientation means you will not grapple with installation as it comes with a plug and pressure valve. You can place it beneath the sink while it holds 4 gallons of hot water for regular use. It works with standard volt outlet prevalent in most homes and offices. The pressure relief valve regulates the pressure of the water.

3. Energy Efficiency

With a glass-lined tank, the GL4S offers improved insulation than its competitors in the market. It churns out instant hot water without eating up much energy like conventional electric water heaters. Built-in thermostat incorporates a sensing probe to modulate and stabilize temperature. It consumes 12.5 amps to heat up, 4 gallons of water with a super-fast recovery rate.

4. Easy Installation

The lightweight, compact size and no-hard-wiring allows straightforward setup by one person. You can mount it in a concealed corner, above the ceiling, on a wall or directly on a surface. It does not intrude too much space while it pairs together with an existing heating system to deliver a higher volume of hot water.

5. In-For-The-Long-Haul

From the sheathed heating element to the glass-lined tank, the Ariston GL4S will provide reliable service decades to come. The manufacturer and other suppliers offer replaceable anodes and heating element for homeowners to avoid the cost of acquiring a new unit. It’s easy to replace these components to resuscitate performance.

  • Cost-efficient, energy-efficient and low-cost installation
  • Super-lightweight and compact for seamless setup, portability, and servicing
  • Can work autonomously or supplement existing water heating systems
  • Supplies instantaneous hot water with regulated pressure
  • Suitable for homes and offices
  • Easily installable with various mounting options
  • New and highly developed thermostat and temperature control knob
  • Pressure valve included
  • Heating element requires removal of lime and scale deposits to prevent damage while magnesium anode also calls for frequent replacement

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will this unit take on average to heat up 4 gallons of liquid?

Around 22 minutes.

  1. What’s the water inlet and outlet dimensions for threading?


  1. Does it require any breaker and of what capacity?

A standard 15A circuit will do the job.

  1. Can you repair a leaking tank to continue using the unit?

Yes, you can fix or replace it.

Final Verdict

Our Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review touts salient features evolved from the older version-including the highly developed adjustable thermostatic control.

Its 1500 Watt element will preheat your water on demand without keeping you on tenterhooks to undertake many different chores. The glass-lined, thick-foam insulation promotes heating efficiency.

Unlimited mounting options make its use a breeze. It will give the best bang for your buck if you want a point-of-use electric heater to band together with an existing system or run low flow output applications. You can use it as a side unit to feed additional 4 gallons of hot water to your arsenal.

Product Reviews

Conventional mini-tank water heaters can wreak havoc in many ways. During high flow rates, the supermassive reservoir depletes faster than it replenishes and heats, squirting chilly sprays that can shake your warmed body like an earthquake.

Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Review

While water heaters compose a ubiquity in homes, their inefficiencies paved the way for the development of an alternative heating system-the tankless water heater. Our Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Review explores improvements on the last offering.

The unit integrates a leak and scale detector and temperature lock for better safety and prevents damage. The compressed shape of a tankless water heater lacks a reservoir of standing water. It packs a high-powered energy device and revolutionary features alien to conventional units and rivals.

Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Compact and Sleek Configuration

The Rinnai RL75iN unit comes with a sleek, ultramodern design that snugly sandwiches into the smallest spaces. The model features silver finishing throughout and also includes a sculpted cover. You will not grapple with a complicated venting mechanism found in gas water heaters.

Conventional gas water heater versions not only eat up chunks of space but they also obstruct the entire area with ducts and pipes dangling. The Rinnai RL75iN model sloughs off this burden for a simple approach that vents out via a single wall and roof penetration.

A superior Door Mounted Controller (Model MC-91-2US) means you can mount it anywhere. You also end scheduling the heater while relishing in hot water supply from up to three plumbing or outlets simultaneously.

2. Advanced Safety and Troubleshooting

Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water HeatersRinnai RL75iN comes at the bleeding edge of technology. The heater integrates a Digital Controller equipped with an Error Code Indicator that alerts you to potential issues rectifiable immediately. The manual offers a detailed roadmap regarding the error codes, its consequences, and available remedies.

It comes with Full Line of Rinnai Digital Controllers for a variation of both residential and commercial applications. A highly developed leak detector shuts off the water to prevent property damage.

A temperature lock will deter random and unauthorized fluctuations in the hot water temperature output. Additionally, built-in scale detection mitigates the likelihood of severe damage in the long haul because of excessive scale deposits.

3. Super Energy-Efficient

You can spew 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute with a 35 degrees leap as its 82% thermal efficiency saves energy and money. The natural gas tankless water heater renders improved energy efficiency and has acquired Energy Star Certification for its innovatory technology specifically fine-tuned to save energy.

The system does not consume electricity to generate hot water; instead, it’s natural gas-powered. Natural gas means you go green with low emissions and fewer components allow environmental-friendly disposal. The product adheres to the California and Texas NOx Emission making it eco-friendly. The model Rinnai RL75iN keeps hot water running on your pipes at full pelt with no malfunctions.

4. Superior Performance

The Rinnai RL75iN natural gas tankless water heater works by heating up cold water as it flows along your pipes. Built-in sensors detect when you want hot water. The natural burner activates a heat exchanger that attunes to your preferred temperature before releasing it through the valve.

The product has won acclaim as a standard of workhorse unit. Once you install, you can forget about its operations as it runs with incredible quietness and more efficiency. Ideal for 2-to-3 bathroom homes, the 9.4 gallons unit churns out 7.5 gallons of hot water per minute (GPM).

It does not tie your hands to one application. You can bathe in soothing, warm showers, operate dishwashers and laundry simultaneously.

5. Enhanced Output Temperature & Flow Rate

The Rinnai RL75iN attains impressive heat output. In residential premises, you can warm up your water up to 140°F; in commercial property, this figure soars to 98°F -to– 160°F.

The temperature control permits you to tweak the settings. The flow rate unpacks another stroke of luck. As captured in the product’s name, the unit pumps more than 7.5 gallons per minute in your home, with enough thrust to seamlessly support multiple bathrooms and applications.

You do not run into (~30 seconds) flow lulls with the Rinnai RL75iN. It works like a dream to keep hot water flowing through your taps without downtimes.

Why should you use Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater?

Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews

1. Natural Gas With 82% Efficiency

The RL75iN offers a whopping 82% efficiency as it inhibits energy loss for decreased electricity bills to get hot water in your home. The high-output 9.4 gallons RL75iN model pumps out an impressive 7.5 gallons of water per minute (GPM).

2. Unfussy Installation

The compact design of the RL75iN permits straightforward installation by mounting anywhere. Vent directly to the outer surroundings using a single wall and roof penetration. The door mounted control allows quick diagnostics. Once installed by a licensed Rinnai technician, the pumps and vents function unremittingly.

3. Defensive Technology

With the Rinnai RL75iN comes with a leak detector to prevent property degradation. A temperature lock will forestall accidental and unauthorized variations in the water temperature. Additionally, a sophisticated scale detector diminishes hard water deposits, which will prolong lifespan.

4. Hot Water Off-The-Cuff   

As an upgraded version of previous models, the RL75iN advanced door mounted controller (Model MC-91-2US) creates a hot water powerhouse. You no longer have to schedule your daily plans bearing in mind the water heater. You can enjoy hot water 24/7 with up to three plumbing and appliance applications in one fell swoop.

5. Intelligent Digital Temperature Control

The RL75iN features a digital controller with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to tweak the heat of your water with ease. The controller has an error code alert which detects and shows a specified code to troubleshoot defects.

  • Compact, space-saving design and door mounted controller for installing anywhere in your house
  • Delivers a minimum of 10,300 and maximum of 180,000 BTU
  • Equipped with standard MC-91-1US digital controller with error code alerts
  • 82% thermal efficiency for colossal savings on energy bills
  • Residential temperature level from 98°F – to-140°F and 98°F – 160°F for commercial use
  • Eco-friendly natural-gas with zero Ozone-harmful emissions
  • Modicum maintenance and cleaning-just flush the model once in one or two years to whittle away at calcium stockpiles in the heat exchanger
  • Delivers up 7.5 gallons per minute for your water flow
  • Rinnai licensed technicians only willing to help if you bought from a specific dealer, users turn to the serviceman

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a sprawling apartment w/3.5 bathroom; will the Rinnai RL75iN function efficiently?

Yes, at 7.5 gallons per minute, the dimensions of your apartment make no difference.

  1. Does it supply enough water for up to three people bathing in one go?

Yes, though the water flow rate plays a vital role.

  1. How does it differ from the traditional tank water heater?

It does not guzzle tons of wattage to retain hot water temperature while it’s not prone to standby heat loss.

  1. Can you install outside?

No, but you can order a unit configured for the cruelest ravages.

  1. Is the model Energy Star?


Final Verdict

Overall, the Rinnai RL75iN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Review inducts the model for the top-of-the-line and high-end class. It’s the most exquisite choice if you dwell in a cold climate region with a natural gas heater. The RL75iN has received Energy Star approval and renders 82% thermal efficiency.

Configured in a compact and glossy design, the radiant silver case and the digital controller in front and middle blends in with kitchen and indoor interiors. For peace of mind, Rinnai’s integrates a scale and leak detector, temperature lock and digital error code indicator.

Regular maintenance will keep minerals at bay for prolonged usability of heating elements. It delivers up 7.5 GPM water flow rate and spews ultra-low NOx emissions.

Product Reviews

Moving from a hot shower into a chiller atmosphere leads to a quantum drop in body temperature leaving a peaceful state of mind. Fully-modulating tankless gas water heaters add a spin of luxury to residential applications. They can generate hot water to run two or more bathrooms.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review

Unlike mainstream tank-style water heaters, powerful tankless water heaters do not cut off hot water in the middle of your soothing bath. After combing through the market doggedly, we hit upon a world-class and renowned model presented by our Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review.

The T-KJr2 delivers hot water to residential hot water systems usable with residential high flow rates and radiant heating applications.

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Fully Modulating & Durable Heat Exchanger

The Takagi T-KJr2 operates with a fully-modulating, computer-monitored burners and electronic ignition that only consumes the amount of gas according to your preferred temperature level. You can connect directly or indirectly, storage tanks, recirculation patchworks, radiant floor system, domestic and heating applications.

It significantly upgrades the unit’s efficiency while it cuts back your gas bill. Commercial-Grade copper heat exchanger guarantees corrosion-repellent properties.

Copper improves thermal conductivity by 25x times than stainless steel, thus, stabilizing outlet water temperature fast. The energy furnace’s design can sustain indoor applications with a super-hot copper heat exchanger that preheats water on demand. It checks in at an energy factor of 0.81-0.83.

2. Efficient Performance & Simple Use

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater ReviewsTakagi T-KJr2 matches the performance of a 40-gallon tank-type standard unit. Despite having the smallest size in the all Takagi product line-up, it shines on the bleeding edge of technology and packs a punch to facilitate a regular flow of hot water for a household.

You can use its remote control to adjust adding more convenience. Gas-powered and vented to the outside, it has roughly 0.5 GPM activation rate. It works on an unobtrusive display that gives you quick access to modulate settings from 98-to140 degrees.

The unit guarantees constant water temperature with thermistors and boasts an air-fuel ratio (AFR) sensor that detects efficiency and thus diminishing toxic emissions.

3. Heat Output and Flow Rate

You can generate hot water to run up to two bathrooms in warm climates. The Takagi T-KJr2 does not guzzle electricity with the gas-fed operation. It renders input somewhere in the neighborhood of 19,500 to 140,000 BTU/hr. It has a flow rate of 6.6 gallons per minute (GPM) at 350 F while the heat output can climb to 70 F at 3.3 GPM.

The unit can support hydronic baseboard and radiant floor heating functions. You can go, Takagi, if you have a small or medium-size family with slightly low demand for hot water. Unlike traditional storage-style tanks that clog with deposits and corrosion or pilot light that fritters away gas, it ensures you never run out of hot water.

4. Temperature Remote Controller

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water HeaterThe Takagi T-KJr2 includes a remote control and power cable as standard accessories. The Temperature Remote Controller included (TM-RE02) lets you adjust readings beyond the factory settings and acts as a diagnostic instrument for error codes.

It shows a concise error code that pinpoints a problem with the system making it easier to troubleshoot. You can adjust incoming or outgoing water temperature within the range of 99°F to 167°F.

It makes it easy to reset the temperature level of the unit while you can install in a remote location several feet away. A manual Hi-Limit Switch, however, prevents water temperature from exceeding the safe limits.

5. Device-Defensive Technology

The Takagi T-KJr2 protective system shields against the internal freeze, overheating, and surge. The troubleshooting diagnostic error codes resolve mechanical failure quickly.

Built-in scale and leak detectors prolong unit’s lifespan and forestall water damage respectively. Takagi’s proprietary Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) sensor regulates and maintains efficient combustion throughout, tweaks fan motor speed for proper air/fuel proportion, and diminish emissions and maximize performance.

The unit also comes with Exhaust and Water Temperature Safety Control for advanced protection. Its Overheat Cutoff Fuse inhibits breaches in the heat exchanger reservoir. Loads of safety packages will keep it functional for years.

Why should you use Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater?

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heaters reviews

1. Compact and Snugly-Installable

The Takagi T-KJr2 has compressed dimensions of merely 20.5″ x 13.8″ x 6.7″ allowing you to install the potent tankless electric water heater anywhere. The subtle shape allows indoor installation proximately than conventional tank-type heaters, which cuts back flow-time through ducts and dissipates less energy.

2. Flow Rate Proper for Residential Applications

The unit heats water flows at 6.6 gallons per minute (GPM) maximum. The flow rate renders ample thrust for light residential uses with one to two bathrooms in a small home, condo, cabin, or apartment.

3. Commercial-Grade Copper Heat Exchanger

Premium-quality copper alloy with superior heat-resistance, higher tensile strength and maintains hardiness and a fine grain at extreme temperatures. Commercial-grade copper alloy offers resistance to the damaging impacts of erosion that causes leakage in heat exchangers.

4. Endless Hot Water

Since it heats water as you use it, you will never fall short of hot water ever. It takes nanoseconds for the water to hit your preferred temperature. The Takagi T-KJr2 will continually drive a stable stream of warm water to meet the demands of your applications.

5. Energy-Efficiency & Plethora Savings

Unlike conventional tank-type water heater that warms up and holds a set volume of hot water, the unit only activates as you use h2O. It does not lose standby energy for more efficient heating and energy conservation.

  • Compact size and wall-mount design carves out extra storage space and allows flexibility in use
  • Packs loads of safety features, including-Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensor, internal freeze protection system, Hi-Limit switch, and Overheat Cutoff Fuse
  • Durable and superior performance heat exchanger made from commercial-grade copper
  • Flow rate of 6.6 GPM
  • More eco-friendly than midrange gas alternatives and low emissions
  • Fully-modulating, gas-powered and tank-less water heater
  • Easy installation by a technician will leave the unit to serve your family for years
  • Includes an intelligent digital display, power cord, and remote control
  • Troubleshooting diagnostic codes for fast resolution
  • Although it requires simple installation, you will have to engage a technician

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; does it meet local installation codes?

Yes, it adheres to local installation codes across the US.

  1. Will this Takagi attune the way I use the shower?

For the most soothing shower soaking, turn the hot water faucet on full, allow heating and cooling.

  1. How long does the Takagi T-KJr2 take to heat up?

The unit will hit its peak temperature and start reheating the water in the New York minute after activating the tap.

  1. Does the model do the job in overly elevated attitudes?

It comes with DIP switches to tweak performance with attitude.

  1. How does it work with hard water?

For water hardness above 7, throw in a scale inhibitor to preserve the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Final Verdict

Our Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review touts the model for unmatched quality, energy-efficiency, and durable construction. It comes in compact size and wall-mounted design to free up generous floor space while decreasing the flow-time for water through pipes for thermal efficiency.

You can install it in your condo, tiny house, apartment or cabin for whacking power bill savings with minimized energy consumption. It supplies endless hot water if sized appropriately for your household applications at 6.6 GPM.

No storage tank, unlike traditional models which clog with scales and rust. The Temperature Remote Controller allows you to increase or decrease output readings from 99°F to 167°F and also functions as a diagnostic tool that shows a specific error code whenever the unit encounters defects.


Product Reviews

Compared to a conventional unit, an electric powerful tankless water heater will typically gobble up 15-to-20% less energy. If you have a standard electric tank water heater, it ceaselessly holds hot water and subsequently dissipates 15-20% of the overall power they eat up to the surroundings.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heater Review

Gas and oil tank water heaters render far much less efficiency given that you have to vent them outdoors. Examine our in-depth Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heater Review-the unit works vent-free without retaining full temperature boiling water.

Install low-flow showerheads and flow-resistant sink aerators; maximize household water usage patterns to cut back thousands of bucks.

 Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Exclusive & Advanced Flow Control Technology

Tempra Plus tankless electric water heater comes with branded Advanced Flow Control™ that maintains a constant temperature. If the consumption of hot water surpasses capacity, Advanced Flow Control™ offsets flow insignificantly to retain a consistent heat.

Spawned by Stiebel Eltron, the invention ensures a constant temperature level by automatically tweaking the stream of water without disruptive temperature fluctuation. The feature comes in handy if you dwell in cold climate zones and other appliances where the electrical service size negates the integration of a super-massive model.

The Tempra Plus tankless electric water heater meets infrequent high flow needs. It’s also more efficient for applications that consume high output temperatures. Especially in commercial dishwashers or operations with variable flow rates.

2. Microprocessor-Controlled Temperature

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heatersTempra 24 Plus boasts Stiebel Eltron’s original microprocessor-controlled temperature parameters with a handy digital temperature display. A dashboard on the front of the machine allows you to adjust the output temperature from 30°C to 60°C.

Temperature and flow sensors transmit troves of data to the microprocessor continuously for the system to maintain the pre-determined output water temperature. Tempra 24 Plus innovative microprocessor technology promotes a steady output temperature whether flow rates increase or decrease.

It’s a flagpole feature keeping Tempra 24 Plus streets ahead of the competition. Rival tankless electric water heaters cannot maintain a steady temperature against incoming flow instability.

3. Unrestricted Flow of Hot Water

The Tempra 24 Plus corresponds directly to your need for hot water without disruption. The patented Electronic Temperature Control allows adjusting the knob on the front lid to the water temperature demanded and getting that output every time you open a hot water tap.

Your shower squirts hot water, even if it bathes in a row and also lasts long. A tank water heater can deliver volumes at once, but if the unit starts to fritter away to frigid temperatures fast, it takes longer to resuscitate.

You will save plethora bucks with 99% energy efficiency and intelligent self-modulating technology that ensures less electricity consumption.

4. Sturdy, Durable & Seismic-Proof Construction

The entire Stiebel Eltron Tempra product line features a sturdy steel housing with integrated wall mounting brackets. A vast majority of competitors use light-gauge plastics and aluminum. The unit comes encased in a handy hinged covering for easy access.

Crafted in a sleek design, you will save scores of square feet of interior space that a mammoth tank encroaches. Its seismic-proof constructed and not subject to the building code as a tank-less water heating system.

It does not require preventative construction like a tank water heater. The Tempra 24 Plus does not possess any mechanical switches and renders a super-quiet operation.

5. Easily Installable

Given its compact design, you’ll install the appliance at the drop of a hat. Storing water at an extremely high temperature in a conventional unit lessens its lifespan; the Tempra 24 Plus offers prolonged service life, saving hundreds of bucks with minimal replacements.

Massive and bulky hot water tanks mainly stay in a basements and utility rooms. The container ends up several yards away from where hot water comes out of the tap causing delayed heating. You can ensconce the Tempra 24 Plus in proximity to the warm water tap. It reduces the delay for hot water supply within the shortest space of time.

Why should you use Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heater?

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heater image

1. Superior Performance and More Efficiency

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus high-performance permits a broad range of applications. The 24KW heater delivers unlimited hot water for a full house, apartment or commercial premise. It’s the most excellent option if you receive water under 45F. The unit packs power to deliver five gallons per minute making it suitable if you want higher water flow rates.

2. Digital Temperature Control Panel

You can immerse yourself in the Jacuzzi and Roman-style tubs by tweaking the power from a minimum of 18kW to 24kW. The digital temperature control panel allows you to adjust output temperature from 86-to-140F. It also offers a dual heating module that can increase the water temperature in 54F at 3GPM.

3. Advanced Flow Control Technology

The heater system features the rare Advanced Flow Control technology. Thus, it attunes the water flow rate if the sensors identify excessive use of hot water. The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus temperature and flow sensors feed their data into the unit’s patented microprocessor control. It unremittingly regulates incoming water temperature and the output it generates. It utilizes its heating sources in stages to attain your preferred water temperature with more efficiency.

4. Convenient Water Supply

The unit works with different kinds of water such as well-pumped, hard and soft, as well as city. Thus, you can install it on the commercial or residential property. It’s mainly useful for users in areas with occasional demands for high hot water flow speeds. You can restrict the maximum output temperature at 109°F for installations that require protection against scalding.

5. Slashes Off 60% of Conventional Electric Water Heaters

Unlike conventional units, tankless water heaters can inhibit standby heat losses associated and cut back energy bills significantly. You’ll tighten the purse strings in the long run. If your household consumes 41 gallons or below of hot water per day, tankless water heaters render 24%-34% more energy efficient than outgoing models.

  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • High hot water delivery flow rate at five gallons/minute and compatible with any water supply
  • Constant hot water temperature output due to the heater’s top precision detection mechanism that adjusts the flow rate in line with water demand
  • Intuitive digital display for straightforward use to modulate preferred temperature with a dial selector
  • Superior, ultra-silent and reliable performance
  • Sleek design frees up chunks of space and disposal of a tankless leaves lower environmental impact and recyclable components
  • Unit designed to do the job in cold areas where smaller models will not work
  • Hinged cover for robust and durable build
  • Installing the Tempra 24 Plus requires a specific power input system

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the inlet water filter require any maintenance or cleaning?

The inlet water tube integrates a small screen filter that deters the entry of debris into the system. Cleaning renders optimal flow performance, once per every five years, but this may vary due to water quality.

  1. Can I set a preferred temperature and forget it?


  1. Does it have ant safety features to protect children or the elderly?

Yes, a backup safety auto-shutoff feature on the heating module blocks a potentially precarious output water temperature.

  1. What’s the difference between Tempra 24 Plus and its more prominent brothers?

The difference between the models depends on the number and dimension of the heating modules.

  1. Can I tweak it to rest for zero-power usage?


Final Verdict

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus tankless electric water heater Review touts the self-modulating power technology and Advanced Flow Control. Advanced Flow Control will come into play to stabilize temperature fluctuations. It’s a productive investment for residents of cold areas.

It typically heats 2000sqf 3Bed 2Bath home and two heavy water consumption applications simultaneously. You can adjust water temperature while it generates water exceeding 140F with integral safety guard. You will scale down up to 60% over traditional tank counterparts.

The power monitoring system collates the data and regulates power consumption for optimum efficiency and temperature steadiness. The Tempra 24 Plus will not discriminate water supply; you can use it with hard, soft, city and well.

Product Reviews

In the wake of fast-evolving tankless water heaters, these units have become an essential component of modern homes due to their excellent energy-efficiency. Manufacturers use technology to push the envelope of what it means to craft an improved in-line tankless electric water heater.

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

With this EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review, we will illuminate you on a unit designed to gulp only the power needed to preheat water on demand. It packs a powerful punch to support an extended single-household, large Roman-style or Jacuzzi tab and high demand of output.

With this unit, you will no longer cough up a king’s ransom to heat up and maintain a hot water storage tank. Its compact design frees up space as it snugly slips in virtually anywhere.

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Revolutionary Self-Modulating Technology

Equipped with an avant-garde, self-modulating technology, the EcoSmart ECO 27 will fine-tune energy consumption on the amount of water needed. It means the unit will only eat up less energy to heat up the water, translating into hundreds of dollars in savings on your electric bill.

The EcoSmart ECO 27 can cut back your electricity bill up to 30% of what you exhaust on a conventional water heater. The unit heats up water rapidly and more efficiently with the self-modulating technology. The technology boosts its performance to supply ample hot water for a single extended household while not hiking your energy bill.

2. Elegant, Compact & Heavy-Gauge Build

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater ReviewsThe EcoSmart ECO 27 components made from copper and stainless steel render more efficiency, hardiness, and longest-lasting durability. The heating element crafted from a metallic and thermally superior material provides high water preheating power with a corrosive-resistant surface.

The sleek and space-saving, compact size tightly fits any space, and its elegant design means it’s not an interior monstrosity like conventional units. With the compressed configuration and wall-mounted design, you free up generous storage space.

Commercial-quality heating elements and stainless steel exterior sheathing the heating chamber and electrical controls will lengthen its natural life. Armed with (3) 9 KW unique Emerson electric heating elements possessing brass tops, it deters electrolysis.

3. Heats-Up 3 Gallons Per Minute at Frigid Temperature

The EcoSmart ECO 27 can deliver 3 GPM with a shallow inlet temperature and pre-adjusted output readings. It can run up to two showers simultaneously at full tilt without depleting hot water.

It’s ideal for northern US states with incoming water temperatures plunging below 37°F. For homes nestled in the southern US, ECO 27 perfectly meets a high demand for hot water straddling multiple applications.

And it handles up to 6 GPM, which allows you can have four showers and a sink running at the same time without exhausting hot water. Thus, it’s the most excellent unit configured for freezing climates and high flow rates. It can even supply a limitless stream of warm water to support a Jacuzzi tub and Roman-style tub.

4. Digital Temperature Control

You can take a quick look at outlet water temperature readings shown on the digital temperature display. A 1-degree increment facilitates monitoring of hot water with scalpel-like precision for the most tailored output.

The console has a complete degree control mechanism; it gives you unfettered reign over the warm water temperature output. You can vary the temperature readings from 80 °F to 140 °F. Fully-adjustable in 1-degree increments, it allows free control and superior accuracy.

You can limit power to cut back power expenditure by any amount for installation or operational flexibility and savings. The high-tech digital control display provides a user interface showing inlet and outlet temperatures and flow rates.

5. Safe and Scalding-Free

Flux hot temperatures can lead to scalding, particularly in children and seniors. The EcoSmart ECO 27 self-modulating technology keeps the heat at a constant and safe level. It also maintains the exact water temperature with +/- 1-degree accuracy for scalding-free bathes.

Using the tankless unit’s system provides greater control to heat water safely on your premises. The heater comes with internal jumpers that restrict the heat output at 105 °F; the water heater will never exceed this level if not adjusted.

It’s a godsend for homes with elderly and children. Picking this tankless and scald-protective device provides safety than rivals, gas and oil water heaters.

Why should you use EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater?


1. Superior Performance

The EcoSmart ECO 27 design suits states north of the Mason-Dixon Line and Canada with the chilliest temperatures that nose-dive to as low as 37°F. The device can preheat water rapidly and powerfully due to the self-modulating technology. The technology allows you to supply plentiful hot water for a single large household while keeping energy bills at the lowest.

2. Trim Down Up To 50% Energy Costs

With the proprietary self-modulating technology developed by Ecosmart, it provides better energy conservation. It romps home by slashing up to 50% from your water heating expenditure if you use a more conventional unit.

3. Proximate Installation

You can install the EcoSmart ECO 27 near the place of use. It reduces the amount of flow time along the pipes and feeds hot water more rapidly to the fixture. Given that the device only warms up water when it’s required, it does not dissipate energy for high-temperature output.

4. Intuitive Digital Temperature Control

The ECO 27 will heat up water with the help of three readings, gallons per minute, inlet temperature, and desired level. You can adjust the temperature with a +-1 degree increment for better precision. For uncomplicated computation, it bases kW measurements on 100 percent heater efficiency. The device offers 99% energy efficiency, but inlet temperatures may fluctuate by season.

5. Ultra-Safe

The EcoSmart ECO 27 comes with computer-monitored and electro-mechanical auto-resetting thermostat controls for high-limited heat protection. It will not burn the elderly or children. If your faucet has an anti-scald feature, you can still increase the temperature setting for warmer water output.

  • Advanced water flow rate and temperature sensors configured to adjust power to the heating elements for a precise user-selected level from 85F and 140F
  • Equipped with high-powered heating elements that preheat water instantly on demand
  • Intuitive digital display shows the preferred water temperature continuously and changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • Self-modulating patented technology warms up water quickly and consistently
  • Can heat more than one shower and sink as well as more massive Jacuzzi or Roman-styled tubs
  • 99% energy efficiency saves up to 50% of the energy costs gobbled up by conventional Gas tankless-type models
  • Lightweight and easy installation
  • Configured for chilly climates and high flow rates where incoming water can plunge below 45F
  • Compact, sleek and space-saving design
  • Performance can fluctuate based on inlet water temperature
  • Remote available but sold separately

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much power does it consume for horsepower of the heating elements?

40 Amps

  1. How does it save energy over conventional water heaters?

It prevents ongoing thermal dissipation associated with holding hot water in a storage tank.

  1. Can I switch on the heater or mount in a place with freezing temperatures?

NO, if the water in the unit freezes, it can cause severe and irreversible damage, wait until it thaws and inspect the ECOsmart for leaks.

  1. My inlet temperature reads 44 degrees; can I get 105 degrees and 1.75 gallons per minute?

Yes, use the formula GPM = kW x 6.83/temp. Rise.

  1. Will it support my bathroom and laundry in a small-sized condo?

As long as your electrical system delivers 27kW, 240 volts it will work seamlessly.

Final Verdict

Our EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review lauds the unit as it slashes 50% off the energy bill for preheating over the traditional versions. It boasts digital temperature control that modulates from Fahrenheit to degrees and variation from 80F to 140F.

Made from premium-quality copper and stainless steel materials, it has more efficiency, hardiness and uncomplicated replacement of components. The self-modulating technology supported by sensors computes the water flow rate and inlet temperature feed into computer logic controls to heat at your desired level.

Besides, your new electric tankless water heater poses minimal maintenance demands. Internal jumpers limit the hot water temperature output at 105 degrees Fahrenheit to curb scalding or burns while bathing.

Product Reviews

With tankless water heaters out-crowding conventional tank-type models, you can throw your outdoor cleanups and family outings to the zeniths with the portable units.

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review

Picking out a top-class model renowned in the market will bring all benefits of a tank-free water heater, cut back energy costs and ensure an endless flow of hot water.

Our detailed Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review expounds a one-of-a-kind picking armed with a Flojet 2.9 GPM 12 Volt, 4.4 Amp pump. Take the plunge with car-washing, hot-showering or complement your pressure cleaner for an even through cleanup. Get your hot water full-on gushing with more thrust for your outdoor sprays and cleaning tasks.

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review | 5 Major Features

1. Flojet 2.9 GPM at 50 PSI Pump

The 12volt Flojet pump pairs tightly with the Eccotemp L5 Portable or L10 models. Inbuilt pulsation inhibitor fosters smooth flow for accumulator-tank free operation.

Soft, absorbent mounts diminish unpleasant vibration and noise while operating. It boasts corrosion-proof and longest-lasting materials. The self-priming pump will work even when dry. Snap-in 1/2 –inch port fittings allow straightforward installation.

The Flojet Inlet Strainer renders spotlessly clean showers anywhere while it sifts the filth and bugs out. It possesses a 20-mesh stainless steel screen for solid impermeability. The inlet keeps your pumping at full throttle by curbing unwarranted downtimes generated by particles in the water.

2. Liquid Propane-Powered

The Eccotemp L5 liquid propane-fed fast-evolving tankless water heater yields savings on your energy bill by eliminating the standby energy loss associated with a conventional model that has to keep a storage tank heated constantly.

Gas tankless-type models like the Eccotemp L5 run by liquid propane provide a higher flow rate in contrast to their electric counterparts. The ignition powered with 2 “D” cell batteries makes it suitable for off-grid and other settings without electricity.

Eccotemp offers the most elegant alternative to conventional gas and electric water heaters. Liquid propane tankless water heaters typically eat up not as much of electric models.

3. Energy-Efficient & Greener

The Eccotemp L5 propane-powered system tightens the belt of energy expenditure, which constitutes a lucrative upgrade for your home. With utility costs shooting through the roof, heating water with a propane kiln offers cost-efficiency and minimizes energy loss.

The units gobble up 50% less energy than standard electric models. The National Propane Gas Association recommends these versions as you can slash 60% on energy bills with a water heater with EF of 82%.

For the highest fuel-efficiency, the tankless “on-demand” mechanism will only heat up water as it passes through the faucet for use. A propane burner spews 60% fewer carbon pollutants in contrast to mainstream electric water heaters.

4. Multi-Functional Outdoor Use

The Eccotemp L5 can heat more than 40 gallons of water to supply instantaneous and endless hot water outdoor. You can move the unit from one point to another hassle-free around your home. Lightweight and space-saving design snugly fits the smallest spaces in your car or storage room.

The portable tankless water heater suits campsites, outdoor sprays, and cabins. At the ideal operating range of 2080 PSI, the system works efficiently on modified water systems with accessories such as the 12-volt pump.

It can wash your car, boat, run a hot shower, pets or the horse’s stable. You can pair the Eccotemp L5 Portable Water Heater with your pressure washer for a more thorough cleaning.

5. Instant, Endless Hot Water

The Eccotemp L5 functions like an air conditioner, water penetrates the unit and moves through its coils heated up by a propane burner. It heats water whenever you feel like, without dry up, you will never fall short of hot water.

You can venture out to a campsite or family outings armed with the Eccotemp L5. After a couple of seconds, the water will hit your desired temperature level. The propane-powered unit will provide a steady stream of hot water for car or boat washing, pavement cleaning and more.

What’s more, it’s a portable and recreational device that does not require permanent installation and plumbing into fixtures.

Why should you use Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater?

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heaters

1. Powerful Propane-Powered Heating

The Eccotemp L5 connects to a propane cylinder which holds the fuel required for heating. With a 20 pound reservoir, it can provide hot water for a minimum of 18 hours. A CSA approved control integrated into the box ensures a secure and usable pressure. It guzzles 37,500 BTU of liquid propane to heat up your water.

2. Better Efficiency

The Eccotemp L5 model runs on liquid propane. Unlike standard electric units, these devices heat water more quickly with low power consumption. You can adjust the hot water output temperature from 80 to 150 °F. You can lop off up to 60% of your energy bill with this propane water heater.

3. 2 “D” Cell Batteries

The in-built spark generator runs on 2 “D” cell batteries. Battery ignition kicks in automatically. You can carry it along to remote camping sites off-grid or other places without electricity. It weighs 14 lbs for a super lightweight, portable and compact design permits easy to transport during camping.

4. Flojet Water Pump

You can engage in intense pumping with the Flojet 2.9 GPM water pump. It’s configured in a design meant to add pressure to your outdoor applications such as showers or cleaning chores. It features a pulsation eliminator for minimal frictional resistance, noise-cancellation mounts, and self-priming.

5. Multiple Uses

Designed for use outdoors, the Eccotemp L5 comes in handy for campsites, cabins and around your backyard. You can pair it with your pressure washer to eliminate stubborn specks or dirt with hot water. It can clean a dirty car, boat and equipment to resuscitate their shine.

  • Battery igniter means it’s electricity-free
  • Portable and lightweight for outdoor use
  • 20-minute auto-shutoff timer integrated adds another layer of safety to your water heating system
  • More energy efficient and superior over standard electric models
  • Emits 60% fewer carbon emissions compared to mainstream electronic counterparts
  • Flojet delivers up 2.9 GPM with strainer, CSA approved eliminator and noise-repellent mounts
  • Supplies endless tons of hot water outdoors efficiently
  • The unit requires extra ducts, connectors, and filter off the price tag
  • Not installable or mountable to a permanent position

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it spew water to clean my pets at a time?

It runs until you run out of water or propane.

  1. Can I mount this unit in the available space of my RV?

Yes, but you have to place the connections, pump battery, water, and propane nearby.

  1. Does it have an on-off button on the shower head?

Yes, ON/OFF shower head included.

  1. Does it have a hook up to a garden hose?

Yes, a garden hose adapter included.

  1. What’s the optimum operating range to use with this unit?

20~80 PSI and modified water systems like the 12-volt pump.

Final Verdict

I hope this Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Review feeds into your inquest for a propane-powered model. It churns out 2.9 GPM to sustainably run your applications.

In the wake of soaring power bills, the Eccotemp L5 will do the job far much faster and consume low energy. You’ll cough up less for hot water output ranges from 80 °F to 150 °F.

Even if the water supplied to your property flows at low pressure, it does not stop heating due to the startup function that gobbles up 20 psi to fire up. The standard 20 pounds grill propane tank can provide hot water nonstop for 18 hours.